37 Amazing Dick Vitale Quotes

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Dick Vital is an American basketball commentator, coach, game analyst, and broadcaster. He was born in New Jersy. Also plays some roles in movies. He is very popular in the basketball world for his trademark dialogue. Enthusiastic, Talented, and humorous speech made him very popular. He created his own language which is known as Vital-ism! Some people love him, some hate him but he’s not boring. He is always in chill mode. Let’s read some of him popular quotes and sayings. These Dick Vitale quotes surely make you laugh as well as giving inspiration.  

“I have a problem with honoring mediocrity in so many cases over teams that have great years.” – Dick Vitale

(He is worshiping no one in the industry. Neither his senior nor any mediocre person)

“I learned from my mom and dad, who didn’t have a formal education but had doctorates of love. They told me that if you gave 110 percent all the time, a lot of beautiful things will happen. I may not always be right, but no one can ever accuse me of not having a genuine love and passion for whatever I do.” – Dick Vitale

(You can take inspiration from this quote. He always loves what he does. Takes no burden. And exactly for this type of mindset, he became famous in the whole world)

“The glory of sport is witnessing a well-coached team perform as a single unit, striving for a common goal and ultimately bringing distinction to the jersey the players represent.” – Dick Vitale

famous dick vitale quotes

“Glue guys aren’t superstars. They’re not the No. 1 option. They just do things only coaches really appreciate. The stars get the headlines, but glue guys help you get in the winner’s circle. I don’t think you can win without having that kind of player.” – Dick Vitale

(Superstar player is important for a team. But Glue guys are much more important than them)

“It was flat-out scary, baby.” – Dick Vitale

“Today in coaching, it’s a two-way street. They can fire you whenever they want. Bottom line: It’s all about what you can do to better yourself professionally. This is a better move.” – Dick Vitale

(Nothing is permanent in this planet. Most people like give and take method)

“I’m a basketball guy. No sitcom guy. I don’t care about all that jazz. I care about basketball. It’s not me. And I stayed with what I did, and I’m very proud that I did that because I make a great living and I’m lucky and I get to be involved with the thing I truly love, and that’s the game of basketball.” – Dick Vitale

(Dick Vitale loves nothing but basketball only)

“I’m absolutely shocked. I can’t believe he went that high.” – Dick Vitale

“It’s not over. I’m confident they can do it. But it’s not a closed case.” – Dick Vitale

(Thats the spirit) 😊

“In my 27 years of calling games for ESPN, I have never ever seen a player take more verbal abuse than he has taken.” – Dick Vitale

“You hate to think one of those kids is not going to get a trophy for Player of the Year. There are numerous awards, and ideally, they would split them. If Morrison doesn’t get a Player of the Year award, I’ll buy him a gold trophy, call it the Dickie V. P-T-Per Award, and ship it out to him myself.” – Dick Vitale

(Vitale is Appreciating Morrison. A trophy isn’t everything. If you cant win after pursuing many years then not to be worried. There are other popular sayings ‘sometimes you win; sometimes you learn.)

“I still love the game. I still feel like I’m a 25-year-old. I really still love the game and feel as enthusiastic about the game as I ever have felt about it.” – Dick Vitale

dick vitale sayings

(Dick Vitale loves the game. He chooses commentary passion and became broadcaster just for passion)

“The Allstate March Mayhem Challenge is a great, great bracket challenge.” – Dick Vitale

“When you can go on the road and get 35 at Kansas with the rock-chalk Jayhawk crowd going bananas and you make big plays to help your club leave with a win on the road like that, you’ve got talent. So, he’s got talent.” – Dick Vitale

(Vitale’s speech on Mitch Richmond)

“It’s the greatest achievement I’ve ever witnessed in all my years of being a coach and a television personality. I really, absolutely have been blown away.” – Dick Vitale

(Dick Vitale expressing his feelings after the Final four against all odds)

“It was an incredible effort by the Irish down in Tallahassee. Jameis Winston was too tough in the second half; congrats to the Seminoles.” – Dick Vitale

“Gowdy had a love affair with the microphone and the fans had a love affair with him. American sports fans truly lost an icon, a legend who never felt he was bigger than anyone else. He had that humility that made him special, and he made everyone feel like they were so important.” – Dick Vitale

(In the Funeral of Curt Gowdy)

“Oh, oh, unbelievable! Can’t believe it!” – Dick Vitale

(While commenting in a basketball match)

“The biggest thing in my life – the biggest – is raising dollars to help kids battle cancer.” – Dick Vitale

“He’s a Diaper Dandy!” – Dick Vitale

(Vitale-isms! 😃 He used this phrase on freshman class)

“It is time for everyone to sit down – the NCAA, the NBA, the players union, and the coaching fraternity – and come up with suitable solutions to these problems.” – Dick Vitale

best dick vitale quotes

“One of my biggest gifts ever, my mother made a Yankee uniform for me as a little boy, and I wore it to bed dreaming I could pitch in the major leagues and then be a Yankee.” – Dick Vitale

(Dick Vitale showing respect to her mother)

“You’d have to live in a cave not to know about the Carrier Dome. It put Syracuse on the map.” – Dick Vitale

“Really, UCLA’s a great place as well, but they don’t have the kind of environment they have here. The fans here have a passion.” – Dick Vitale

(Praising UCLA’s people behavior)

“When a coach gets that opportunity to observe, he’s going to look. Because he wants to create a contract that is strong and gives his family the kind of security that guys really seek in anything, whether it be the corporate world, whether it be sports.” – Dick Vitale

“I think they are a very dangerous basketball team, a team that could create a lot of problems.” – Dick Vitale

(Here ‘dangerous’ means extremely good)

“My wife knows diddly about basketball, but if you put her here and said, ‘Look at Colorado’s resume, look at UAB, and look at VCU,’ it’d be an (inaudible) mismatch, man. It would be like a beauty contest—Roseanne Barr walking in versus Scarlett Johansson. No shot. None, whatsoever.” – Dick Vitale

“The Heels are on fire. Somebody call up the fire chief to put out the fire.” – Dick Vitale

dick vitale motivational quotes

“He’s awesome, baby, with a capital “A” – Dick Vitale

(Again Vitale-isms!) 😃

Inspirational dick Vitale Quotes

“The clothes do not match my personality. I’m more of a very conservative, blue-blazer kind of guy. But as far as my personality, it’s a lot of hot-dog mustard – have a lot of fun and a lot of excitement. I feel like I’m 68; I act like I’m 12, talking about a game of basketball.” – Dick Vitale

“The NCAA model is outdated. If Steve Serby’s a great player in high school, and an agent wants to represent you and wants to advance you money as a loan based on the fact that you’re gonna be a high draft choice, so be it.” – Dick Vitale

“My wife grabbed me [when] we got out of the church. She said, ‘Don’t make a big scene with the committee like you do every year. Finding one team—and we always find one—and we battle and battle, but you know what? I can’t take it, man, when I see kids be given a raw deal.” – Dick Vitale

“I know people don’t want to hear me talk about Duke. Hey, so what? I’m talking about them because they deserve to be talked about. They’re brilliant the way they’re playing right now.” – Dick Vitale

(Vitale replying haters on the controversy)

“Off-balance! Unbelievable! Connecticut wins their first Big East Championship. This group of people! Dance, Jimmy, baby! Dance, Jimmy, baby!” – Dick Vitale

“I’m living the American dream.” – Dick Vitale

dick vitale quotes

“I’ll tell you what—I’m supposed to go home for the weekend—if Princeton can beat Georgetown, I am going to hitchhike to Providence, which isn’t that far from here, I’m gonna be their ball boy on their next game, and then I’m gonna change into a Princeton cheer-leading uniform and I’m gonna lead all the cheers.” – Dick Vitale

“John Wooden has been a vital force in the lives of many with his inspirational messages.  He represents all the elements necessary to be a winner in the Game of Life, which makes him the perfect person to write this book filled with lessons.  Coach Wooden has been a mentor to people in every walk of life.” – Dick Vitale

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