44 Best Dyslexia Quotes

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Dyslexia is a disorder that ruins one’s ability to read, write, and speak. People who have this disorder are extraordinary in other things. Approximate 10% of American citizens are suffering from this disorder. But some are recovering themselves at an early age. Kids who have this disorder are unable to connect the letters they see. For that, they can’t read or write any letter. Dyslexia is caused for genetic problems. Anyways, here you can find the best quotes and sayings about dyslexia. Though dyslexia has no definite treatment one can help himself by reading quotes. We all know that language is the more powerful thing in the world! And quotes can make us feel better. Below you’ll find the best dyslexia quotes. Hope you’ll enjoy it. 

“Dyslexia is a neurological issue, not a character flaw” – James Redford

“Dyslexia is the affliction of a frozen genius” – Stephen Richards

“If anyone ever puts you down for having dyslexia, don’t believe them. Being dyslexic can actually be a big advantage, and it has certainly helped me” – Richard Branson

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“If children can’t learn the way we teach, then we have to teach the way they learn” – Robert Buck

“Scrabble was invented by Nazis to piss off kids with dyslexia” – Eddie Izzard

“I don’t want anyone to feel they can’t achieve their ambitions if they are dyslexic” – Mollie King

“When a child knows that he or she is dyslexic, that it’s the way their brain is programmed, and it’s not their fault, that makes all the difference in the world” – Philip Schultz

“When Society allows a dyslexic to sink, through ignorance or prejudice, it is not only the dyslexic who loses” – Susan Hampshire

“We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope” – Martin Luther King Jr

“If you are dyslexic, your eyes work fine, your brain works fine, but there is a little short circuit in the wire that goes between the eye and the brain. Reading is not a fluid process” – Caitlyn Jenner

“I like to call myself numerically dyslexic, but officially, I am mathematically thick” – Dominic Holland

“Children with disabilities are stronger than we know, they fight the battles that most will never know” – Misti Renea Neely

famous people with dyslexia

“I was dyslexic, so math and formulas were not necessarily my strong suit” – James Van Der Beek

“The one advantage of being dyslexic is that you are never tempted to look back and idealize your childhood” – Richard Rogers

“Dyslexia isn’t a disease. It’s a Community” – Ben Foss

“I’m dyslexic, I have attention-deficit disorder, and I’ve got something like a hereditary tremor” – Ozzy Osbourne

“I dont suffer from dyslexia. I live and work with it. I suffer from the ignorance of people who think they know what I can and cannot do” – Erika Cook

“If you have kids who are struggling with dyslexia, the greatest gift you can give them is the sense that nothing is unattainable. With dyslexia comes a very great gift, which is the way that your mind can think creatively” – Orlando Bloom

“I put the sexy in dyslexia” – Mariah Gonzales

“Being dyslexic, creativity was my way of expressing myself” – Ashley Nell Tipton

“The biggest problem with dyslexic kids is not the perceptual problem, it is their perception of themselves. That was my biggest problem” – Caitlyn Jenner

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“I didn’t succeed despite my dyslexia, but because of it. It wasn’t my deficit, but my advantage. Although there are neurological trade-offs that require that I work creatively [and] smarter in reading, writing and speaking, I would never wish to be any other way than my awesome self. I love being me, regardless of the early challenges I had faced” – Scott Sonnen

“Dyslexia is not a pigeonhole to say you can’t do anything. It is an opportunity and a possibility to learn differently. You have magical brains, they just process differently. Don’t feel like you should be held back by it” – Beatrice

“I have to work extra hard because I am dyslexic. People said that I couldn’t be an actress, but I’m proving them wrong. Acting has helped me overcome the challenge” – Bella Thorne

“I may have dyslexia.. but dyslexia doesn’t have me” – Unknown

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“Science has moved forward at a rapid pace so that we now possess the data to reliably define dyslexia. For the student, the knowledge that he is dyslexic is empowering … [It provides him] with self-understanding and self-awareness of what he has and what he needs to do in order to succeed” – Sally Shaywitz

“A great mind is just a great mind, and try not to worry too much about what package it’s in” – Kristine Barnett

“Being dyslexic, I was told that I was an idiot all the time” – David Bailey

“Dyslexia is not due to a lack of intelligence, it’s a lack of access. It’s like, if you’re dyslexic, you have all the information you need, but find it harder to process” – Orlando Bloom

“Dyslexia is a different brain organization that needs different teaching methods. It is never the fault of a child but rather the responsibility of us who teach to find methods that work for that child” – Dr. Maryanne Wolf

“I’m completely dyslexic – it’s the writing part. People read what I’ve written, and they have no idea what I’m trying to say” – Jonathan Anderson

“When someone helping you gets frustrated, don’t let them. Take a step back, because you can’t learn anything under pressure. And don’t worry about the label [dyslexia]!” – Erin Brockovich

“Some people read really fast, but you’ll ask them questions about the script and they’ll forget. I take a long time to read a script, but I read it only once. I directed a movie, and I never brought the script to the set” – Salma Hayek

“Dyslexia, for me, is rather like being a six-fingered typist on LSD!” – Stephen Richards

“An incredibly high percentage of successful entrepreneurs are dyslexic. That’s one of the little-known facts” – Malcolm Gladwell

“Dyslexia made me more introspective. Made me more thoughtful, maybe slightly slower in how I do things because it takes me a minute sometimes to figure things out” – Whoopi Goldberg

“I like to think I have a superpower called dyslexia. I am creative, intuitive, and empathetic. I am great with problem-solving, and I can think outside the box” – Lorin Morgan-Richards

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“I’m a human being, I’m not a machine. I’m 72. I’m dyslexic” – Robert Blake

“Understanding our children’s frustrations with dyslexia and giving them the tools to blossom will give them the confidence to reach their true potential. We can help our children channel their interests and talents and ignite the passion within” – Carolina Frohlich

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking it’s stupid” – Albert Einstein

“I’m completely dyslexic, so academia was never really my path” – Joe Anderson

“You can take this obstacle [dyslexia] and make it a reason to have a big heart. It takes obstacles to learn, grow, be better” – Orlando Bloom

“The advantage of dyslexia is that my brain puts information in my head in a different way” – Whoopi Goldberg

dyslexia quotes

“My greatest gift in life was being dyslexic. It made me special. It made me different. If I had not been dyslexic, I wouldn’t have needed sports” – Caitlyn Jenner

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