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Eric Andre is an American comedian, producer, musician, and actor. Andre became a millionaire at an early age. He became popular for his own comedy show Eric Andre Show. A low budget and public access program. He is one of the members of the music band Blarf. A great guy with humor. In Eric Andre Show, he discussed and made fun of many things. Like celebrity interviews, Love, Prank, and much more. If you are looking for funny quotes from comedians, here you’ll find everything. Andre’s humor and speaking style will make you laugh for sure.

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“I’m an elderly Jewish lesbian trapped in a 33-year-old nerd’s body.” – Eric Andre

“You can make fun of your own a lot easier than someone else’s.” – Eric Andre

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“A hole is a hole has always been my motto.” – Eric Andre

“Wonder Showzen is one of my favorite shows of all time. When I first saw it, I thought it was so funny and new and original and edgy and insane and subversive. I didn’t know comedy could do that.” – Eric Andre

“I think everyone is bi, right? There’s no such thing as sexual orientation, or race, or gender. Those are all obsolete man-made concepts.” – Eric Andre

“I’m an Aries. I need everybody to like me.” – Eric Andre

“The president is the country’s scapegoat more than the country’s leader; the president has as much power as we think the president has. Whoever has the most money is the puppet master.” – Eric Andre

“Like I said, a sketch is one joke. They shouldn’t really be more than a minute, two minutes. There are some shows where the sketch goes on for five minutes. It’s like, “I get it! I’m already bored. I did like the joke, but I don’t anymore because you went on for too long.” – Eric Andre

“Before The Simpsons, I was 4 years old, so I don’t know exactly what I was thinking before that.” – Eric Andre

“I’m not a very good actor, so I break character all the time.” – Eric Andre

“Wonder Showzen is one of my favorite shows of all time. When I first saw it, I thought it was so funny and new and original and edgy and insane and subversive. I didn’t know comedy could do that.” – Eric Andre

“I feel like we put all the weight on the president, rather than distributing the weight to all of the elected officials.” – Eric Andre

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“I feel the acting conservatory taught me how to be a working actor in the 1700s. We learned stuff like ‘to the back of the auditorium, to the back of the auditorium’ and the liquid “u.” ‘The payment is duuue on Tuuuesday.’ I also learned how to fence. If anything, when I moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t fit in, in any way. I had to do comedy, because I was talking so pretentiously.” – Eric Andre

“I just grew up with it [The Simpsons]. The first season came on when I was 5, 6 years old, and the show evolved as I was growing up and got funnier and funnier and, by the time I was in 12th grade, they were at their funniest” – Eric Andre

“I was eating beans by candlelight for a decade.” – Eric Andre

“I was a class clown since second grade.” – Eric Andre

“I’m a lurker and a creep. Women don’t like me because I sleep standing up, like a horse.” – Eric Andre

“Bill Cosby spoke out against The Simpsons and there was this kind of evangelical, right-wing sect that was against The Simpsons. Fox was a new network at the time, though, so they were going to take risks.” – Eric Andre

“Its consistency of what comedy can do and what comedy can be. Growing up with that show [The Simpsons] shaped my worldview.” – Eric Andre

“I don’t think comedians take advantage of the fact that television and film are visual mediums.” – Eric Andre

“They [The Simpsons] are just like the Bible to me as far as what the high-water mark of comedy.” – Eric Andre

“You see a lot of sketch variety shows where each segment is one joke that they repeat over and over and over again, and the sketches are always three or four minutes too long.” – Eric Andre

“If the crowd is full of assholes, it’s no fun. If the crowd is cool, it’s great” – Eric Andre

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“I have done some formal acting training because I sucked at acting when I first got to Los Angeles. I’m still one of the worst actors and auditions out there.” – Eric Andre

“I think that we put too much weight on who the president is.” – Eric Andre

“The Simpsons was pretty experimental at the time, but it attracted a lot of sitcom writers that felt confined by the limitations of live-action sitcoms in the ’80s.” – Eric Andre

“If there’s an intelligence behind the joke – – it’s a good joke.” – Eric Andre

“I’m insecure, and I need the validation of strangers to feel whole. So, I need every single racist 12-year-old on the Internet to like me, or I don’t feel complete.” – Eric Andre

“I will smoke crack before I die. I want to see what all the hubbub is about.” – Eric Andre

“Do you think we’re going to hit a tipping point and the world’s going to end?” – Eric Andre

“Let’s hit the joke once and move on to the next joke and just keep it where we have as many jokes per square inch as possible.” – Eric Andre

“I think journaling is a key to success. You can set clear goals for yourself. You can start noticing repetitive behavior patterns and see the type of things that keep bothering you, and then you can have a bird’s eye view of it.” – Eric Andre

“When I’m watching South Park, I don’t think it’s written by neo-Nazis. They know exactly what they’re doing.” – Eric Andre

“I care a lot; I’m very sensitive.” – Eric Andre

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“I think part of it is the fact that they were kind of the first of its kind – there weren’t a lot of cartoons for adults. People forget at the time that The Simpsons started out, it was controversial – the fact that they said hell and damn in a cartoon was a lot. America was in an uproar.” – Eric Andre

“I do think homophobia in the ’80s was more rampant and socially acceptable.” – Eric Andre

“I like Velvet Underground, but I was never really hardcore into them. I like them, and I like Nico, but I won’t front like I’m super knowledgeable. I just never got around to it.” – Eric Andre

“I used to be a Geico Caveman for live events. I was a corporate mascot. It was the silliest job. It was actually awesome and fun, but it was retarded.” – Eric Andre

“Hannibal Burress is my polar opposite in energy. I can be crazy, and he grounds the ‘Eric Andre Show.” – Eric Andre

“You know something is a hit comedically if you can just call up one of your friends and belt out a line from the show and you both start laughing.” – Eric Andre

“ABC is owned by Disney, so it’s a little more conservative than Adult Swim. Polar opposites.” – Eric Andre

“I loved ‘Space Ghost’ when I was in college.” – Eric Andre

“I want to be remembered for my poop jokes. Those are the most important kind.” – Eric Andre

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“I grew up in Boca Raton, Florida – the worst place on earth.” – Eric Andre

“I’ve never seen ‘The Goonies.’ I’ve never seen ‘Indiana Jones.’ I watched ‘UHF’ over and over again when I was little, and that was it. I had no time for any other movies. I watched ‘Naked Gun,’ ‘UHF,’ and ‘Airplane!’ over and over.” – Eric Andre

“From ‘Chappelle’s Show’ to ‘Tosh.0,’ there’s so much race comedy. It’s overdone.” – Eric Andre

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Best Of Eric Andre Quotes

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“The Simpsons is like Charlie Parker or Marlon Brando or Richard Pryor: Comedy couldn’t go back to the way it was after ‘The Simpsons’ came out.” – Eric Andre

“I don’t really know how music and comedy are similar. I try never to dissect it theoretically or academically.” – Eric Andre

“I have a karaoke punk band called The Ungrateful Dead, but we don’t exist yet.” – Eric Andre

“You can’t really feel the direct change from one president to another versus people closer to you in local elections.” – Eric Andre

“I think we give human beings too much credit. We’re primates, you know.” – Eric Andre

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“There are two sides to the coin. I think I’m much happier that [Barack] Obama won over John McCain or Mitt Romney because I think Obama did something culturally for the country.” – Eric Andre

“I can’t tell if the world is worse now or if we just have more cameras. There are cameras everywhere, so now the world knows how bad the world is.” – Eric Andre

“All motivation is defined by intention. If the intention is to hurt, divide, or belittle, it’s wrong; if it’s an attempt to cope with or make sense of tragedy, it’s something different. If it’s commenting on society’s flaws, versus adding to society’s flaws, I think the audience can tell.” – Eric Andre

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