42 Impressive Fabolous Quotes You Should Know

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Fabolous is an American rapper from New York. His original name is John David Jackson. Though he is a rapper, he has a great insight into love, money and family. Here you’ll see some of the famous quotes and sayings by Fabolous. Hope you’ll love it. 

“If you look at my closet, there are all kinds of shoes, but at the same time, I don’t want to spread myself thin as far as designs and collabs.” – Fabolous

“I think the comfort of sneakers is really coming back. Everybody wants a cool pair of shoes, but they want to be comfortable.” – Fabolous

fabolous quotes about females

“You can’t spell believe without a lie in the middle.” – Fabolous  

“Don’t keep that money waiting, it gets impatient.” – Fabolous  

“A lot of sneaker brands come to me, not even just designers. They come to me with ideas trying to push different things, and I want it to be stuff that I feel is organic.” – Fabolous 

“Everything that I do, I try to put myself into it.” – Fabolous 

“I like different shoes with different themes for different reasons.” – Fabolous 

“I’m so devoted to my music and becoming the best artist I can be. I don’t want to devote too much time to anything else before I say I’ve conquered that. I just wanna become bigger and I’m never satisfied with just what I am today, I just always want to be bigger. If I was Bill Gates, I would double Bill Gates. That’s the mindstate you should keep in any profession, just keep striking iron and trying to get bigger and better.” – Fabolous 

“I don’t want to attach myself to everything.” – Fabolous  

“I hate to see somebody get locked up, especially someone as talented as Lil Wayne. You know Wayne is a strong figure in the hip-hop marketplace, and for him to go away for 8 months, you know it’s sad for hip-hop as a whole.” – Fabolous

fabolous quotes from songs

“Never tripping off the past, I would rather never mind ’em/’Cause only fools trip over something that be behind ’em.” – Fabolous

“You can spend your time Dreaming about Living or Living your Dream.” – Fabolous   

“Being broke is a joke, I never found it funny / That’s why I count my blessings / As much as I count my money…” – Fabolous    

“Money Is The Root Of All Evil I Thought…But When I’m Broke Is Usually When I Have The Evilest Thoughts.” – Fabolous  

“I keep chicks in my lap, throwing me head fakes!” – Fabolous  

“There’s no New York rapper who’s out that is competing with me because first of all, I’m the best.” – Fabolous

“Everybody’s not always open to everything. People have biased feelings about certain things, especially in the hip-hop world. The hip-hop world hates homosexuality.” – Fabolous  

fabolous quotes about life

“I’ve been around for almost 10 years in the game but somehow I still look like I’m like on my second or third album or something. So it’s good cause it doesn’t blow up my age.” – Fabolous 

“Hypebeasts want shoes just to say other people don’t have them.” – Fabolous

“Even though I am in the sneaker world, I am very diverse.” – Fabolous   

“I try to do stuff that I’m more passionate about, more than just like being all over the place doing different sneakers.” – Fabolous   

“I definitely like sneakers and shopping at sneakers stores.” – Fabolous 

“You see, what I can’t understand is how somebody has a life-time friend. Who they’ve been through thick and thin with and they just fall out over the simplest shit, man. But that same person will be in a relationship with a trifling ass Mo..fucka but they keep taking them back! Shit is crazy…” – Fabolous

“Skin-tone like Hershey, body Lord have mercy. Yeah if this thing were a car, it’d be a Lamborghini Mercy.” – Fabolous

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“Just post a pic of me and his boo on Instagram, think he’ll like it.” – Fabolous

“Laid up in that all day, can’t get out that waterbed. Talk nasty for ya boy, silent treatment for the feds.” – Fabolous

“Where I’m from it ain’t Iraq but swear to God it gets real like it.” – Fabolous

“That’s how fast things change sometimes. Niggas play the tough role, I Ving Rhames sometimes.” – Fabolous

“Never tripping off the past, I would rather never mind them. Cause only fools trip over something that is behind them.” – Fabolous

“What’s your name, where you from? Almost done with the interview. I’m into having intercourse, is that something that interests you?” – Fabolous

fabolous quotes about family

“I say one big room full of real niggas. Bunch of bad bitches, and some chill niggas.” – Fabolous

“They say life’s a bitch. Well you should see the look she’s giving me.” – Fabolous

“They talking shit from the bench. Get in the god damn game.” – Fabolous

“Put your middle finger up and say ‘Fuck the neighbors!” – Fabolous

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“Crib out in Bel-Air, no uncle Phil niggas. So I take em’ in the basement and yea I feel Tigga.” – Fabolous

“You little niggas do whatever makes you feel bigger.” – Fabolous

Fabolous Quotes About Money

“Now if I was guarding Derrick Rose. I would be more understanding but you ain’t Derrick Rose. You were my number one, but uuuhmm, you ain’t Derrick Rose. You try to make a point again, you ain’t Derrick Rose. You just on some bullshit, bitch, you ain’t Derrick Rose.” – Fabolous

“She gon’ dive in head first, school me like the board of ed. She does it then we do it so she can say she thought ahead.” – Fabolous

“Rodney King that ting girl, can’t we all just get along?” – Fabolous

“Heard she fucks with some ballplayer, when I touch down I still spike it. Know I got that check on me, I’m not Nike but it feels like it.” – Fabolous

“I fight for us, as long as there is reason to. You wanted to give up on us as long as there is season two.” – Fabolous

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“It’s okay to lose your pride over someone you love. Don’t lose someone you love though over your pride!” – Fabolous

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