120 Famous One Line Quotes That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

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This is a massive writing about famous one line quotes and sayings. Quotes are life-saving material for many people. Some people are obsessed and some are interested in famous people’s sayings. Either way, this writing helps you to explore yourself by reading these short but meaningful quotes. Hope you’ll love it. 

“Sometimes the bad things in life open our eyes to the good things we weren’t paying attention to before.” – Diana Elmessiri 

“Every day is a good day. There is something to learn, care and celebrate.” – Amit Ray

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“When we operate from a soulful, loving perspective, we are fully engaged in life.” – Claus Böckmann

“Don’t live in the past, every new day is a new start.” – Neviesh Perry

“The secret to life is to love who you are – warts and all.” – David DeNotaris

“Look for opportunities in every change in your life.” – Meir Liraz

“The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye.” – Jimi Hendrix

“Little decisions you make alter your life, but they rarely do so all at once.” – Janet Springer

“There is no life as complete as the life that is lived by choice.” – Shad Helmstetter

“Everyone’s life is a fairy tale, written by God’s fingers.” – Hans Christian Andersen

“The desire to live a purposeful life, I truly believe, resides in all humans.” – Paulo Braga

“Learning is a weightless treasure you can always carry easily.” – Chinese Proverb

“Everything that we do today determines how we’re going to live life tomorrow.” – Martin Dasko

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“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?.” – Jesus

“Model – that is, live – the behavior you want others to practice.” – Mario Morino

“People without self-awareness go through life simply reacting out of habit.” – John C. Allen

“In life, we can have results or reasons.” – Harald Anderson

“The more you love the least deserving on your list, the more your life will change.” – Mike Dooley

“Attitude and ability are complementary to each other for success in life.” – M. K. Soni

“The story you live and the identity you inhabit are always a choice.” – Bernadette Jiwa

“I believe that the ability to remain calm is an essential skill in modern life.” – Rick Mathis

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“Your life is your message.” – Gandhi

“A bad habit has a unique detrimental effect on your life.” – Richard D. Rawlings

“When you help another. When you serve another. Your life matters. Period.” – Paul Evans

“To achieve anything and move forward in life, you need to take risks.” – Bastiaan Blackman

“The cure for moving too fast is just to slow down.” – William E. Coles

“Decisions without actions are worthless.” – W. Clement Stone

“Victory belongs to the most persevering.” – Napoleon

“It’s not the mistake that matters, it’s how you interpret the lesson.” – Michelle C. Ustaszeski

“Prayer is the pulse of life.” – Andrew Murray

“Do not resent growing old. Many are denied the privilege.” – Irish Proverb

“The life of wisdom must be a life of contemplation combined with action.” – M. Scott Peck

“In giving your love, you brighten someone else’s life.” – Vishnu’s Virtues

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“Imagine the people you can truly help by living your best life.” – Fran Curcio

“May the clouds in your life be only a background for a lovely sunset.” – Irish Saying

“A little improvement each day makes a big difference over time.” – Tony Dungy

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Famous One Line Quotes About Success

“Impossible is for the unwilling.” – John Keats

“No pressure, no diamonds.” – Thomas Carlyle

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

“Stay foolish to stay sane.” – Maxime Lagacé

“When nothing goes right, go left.” – Unknown

“Try Again. Fail again, Fail better”

“Don’t tell people about your plans. Show them your results.” – Unknown

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“Take the risk or lose the chance.” – Unknown

“Good things happen to those who hustle.” – Anaïs Nin

“He who is brave is free.” – Seneca

“Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.” – Winston Churchill

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“Every noble work is at first impossible.” – Thomas Carlyle

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

“We are twice armed if we fight with faith.” – Plato 

“Let him that would move the world first move himself.” – Socrates

“The secret to life is to love who you are – warts and all.” – David DeNotaris

“The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye.” – Jimi Hendrix

“Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.” – Carl Gustav Jung

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“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon 

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Nelson Mandela

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

“May you live all the days of your life.” – Jonathan Swift

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.” – Hans Christian Andersen

“Do not let making a living prevent you from making a life.” – John Wooden

“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” – Marilyn Monroe

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“Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved.” – D. H. Lawrence

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Cute One Line Quotes

These simple but aesthetic one line quotes are cute and inspiring. Hope you’ll enjoy it. 

“No guts, no story.” – Chris Brady

“My life is my message.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Screw it, let’s do it.” – Richard Branson

“Boldness be my friend.” – William Shakespeare

“Keep going. Be all in.” – Bryan Hutchinson

“My life is my argument.” – Albert Schweitzer

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“Leave no stone unturned.” – Euripides

“Fight till the last gasp.” – William Shakespeare

“If you want it, work for it.”

“You can if you think you can.” – George Reeves

“Accept life as it is. Then work to make it the way you want it to be.” – Cindy Francis

“Parenting is a lifetime assignment.” – Ken Robinson

“Life is accepting what is and working from that.” – Gloria Naylor

“Life is a long lesson in humility.” – J.M. Barrie

“Persist while others are quitting.” – William Arthur Ward

“Where there is love there is life.” – Gandhi

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“Mornings contain the secret to an extraordinarily successful life.” – Hal Elrod

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Famous One Line Quotes About Life

“Life is a long lesson in humility.” – James M. Barrie

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” – Dalai Lama

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” – Robert Frost

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” – Bob Marley

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” – Dr. Seuss

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“Life is a question and how we live it is our answer.” – Gary Keller 

“Life is made of ever so many partings welded together.” – Charles Dickens

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Life is a question and how we live it is our answer.” – Gary Keller

“Accept life as it is. Then work to make it the way you want it to be.” – Cindy Francis

“Parenting is a lifetime assignment.” – Ken Robinson

“Life is accepting what is and working from that.” – Gloria Naylor

“Life is a long lesson in humility.” – J.M. Barrie

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Famous One Line Motivational Quotes

“The wisest mind has something yet to learn.” – George Santayana

“Be faithful to that which exists within yourself.” – André Gide

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“Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

“In life you need either inspiration or desperation.” -Tony Robbins

“I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” – Euripides

“The true success is the person who invented himself.” – Al Goldstein

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” – Babe Ruth

“Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.” – Oscar Wilde

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“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” – Tony Robbins

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Famous Funny One Line Quotes

“The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship.” – William Blake

“There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future.” – Augustine

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln

“Grow through what you go through.” 

“Do it with passion or not at all.”

“The past does not equal the future.” – Tony Robbins

“At the end of hardship comes happiness.”

“Don’t dream your life, live your dream.”

“If it matters to you, you’ll find a way.” – Charlie Gilkey

“Forget about style; worry about results.” – Bobby Orr

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“Whatever you do, do with all your might.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Dream without fear. Love without limits.”

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