Top 24 Funny Frat Boy Quotes

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This is a writing about frat boy quotes and sayings about frat boys. 

Frat boy means a young boy who belongs to a college fraternity. You may not a frat boy but you might party with them in different occasions. There are many more rumors out there about frat boys but here you’ll find some popular sayings and quotes about them. You can use them in Instagram captions or wherever you want. Enjoy!

“I never went to college, so I’ve never actually met a frat guy.”

“However, frat-boy humor is funny and it always will be.”

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“You freaking, flippin’, moronic frat boy!.”

“All my friends were in college when I was making ‘Superbad.’ We were drinking beer and watching movies and eating pizza. It wasn’t like I was going to nice restaurants or anything like that, and I lived like a frat guy. Eventually, it was time to grow up, be healthy, and be responsible. You can’t live like a kid forever, you know?”

“What frat is that guy in?”

“Having children is like living in a frat house – nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.”

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“I went to about one frat party a year. A year seemed to be enough time for me to forget how much I didn’t like frat parties, and my friends would eventually convince me to go to one. Cheap beer, guys looking for a quick hook-up, and girls playing ‘dumb’ to get in on the hook-up. I just never got into it.”

“We aren’t a frat, we are a fraternity.”

“Do you think if I throw up, ill be able to drink more?”

“I just like guys who have an edge to them. But it could go either way. Like, I have been into the surfer blond frat guys, and then there’s definitely a thing where I like the dark, mysterious bad boy.”

“I go to goth clubs dressed as a frat guy so I can stand around and look terribly uncomfortable. At frat parties, I do the same thing, but the other way around  (Frat Quotes)

But the frat boys were all frivolous and idiotic in our minds now, a bunch of conformist fools going through the motions of the hip.”  

“A cult is a cult, and that’s what a frat is. A place where they strip you of your personality and rebuild it in their image.”

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“Yeahhhhh I’m in a frat.”

“People decided that I was the frat guy, even though I’ve never been inside a fraternity or the guy who beat them up at school, even though that wasn’t me at all.”

“I’m so disappointed in the frat parties at Columbia. I’m like an English boy going to an American college. I’m thinking cheerleaders, I’m thinking kegs. That’s not what’s on the cards.”

“Well, I’ve never been in a touring rock band, it was all just high school and college, playing toga parties in frat houses.”

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“I wouldn’t hire any of my fraternity brothers.”

“Guys that say all girls dress the same have clearly never seen frat boys.”

“Alcoholic? No, I’m in a frat.”

“I say it’s hot as balls outside and I’m not in a frat.”

“Oh, you’re in a frat? Yes, please tell me how you got wasted this weekend.”

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“I’m in a fraternity and if anyone would say bro or brah they’d be heavily ridiculed.”

“I don’t consider lacrosse a sport. To me, that’s just a frat activity that got out of hand.”

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