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‘F*ck Love’ is a novel by Tarryn Fisher. This is one of the most amazing novels by Tarryn. Every line, every moment is addicting and simply outstanding. It’s a book about life, about relationships and much more. If you are searching for Fuck love quotes then this article is for you.

“Instead, I clear my throat. “Oh yeah? You almost became a dad, Kit. That’s a scary life cocktail you’re mixing.” He’s quiet for a long time” – Tarryn Fisher

“If each of our lives represented a page in the book, happiness would be the punctuation” – Tarryn Fisher

screw love quotes

“You don’t start searching for truth until something goes terribly wrong and you realize that you need it. There’s no going back after that” – Tarryn Fisher

“Overbearing mothers usually give way to one of two things in their children: rebellion or passivity” – Tarryn Fisher

“She gets up, and I see her march to the front of the plane where the flight attendant meets her. I point my straw at her back and whisper” – Tarryn Fisher

“Seattle gives you your breath back. Fills your lungs. I take it in and feel like I can breathe for the first time in my life” – Tarryn Fisher

“That’s easy to say until the person you love is happy with someone else. Girls always choose men, and men always choose the wrong girls. It’s an endless cycle” – Tarryn Fisher

“After all, I am angry, and yelling – channeling my inner Professor McGonagal like a bad bitch” – Tarryn Fisher

“I read about them online after Googling: What the fuck is wrong with me? The website was a dot-org so I know it is legit” – Tarryn Fisher

“I feel so pouty. I am just a muggle. A beige bitch muggle. It’s a sad day in Helena Land” – Tarryn Fisher

“My mother hasn’t been speaking to me. She wanted me to forgive Neil, which was fine. There was room in my heart for forgiveness; there wasn’t room in my life for someone who constantly needed it” – Tarryn Fisher

“I’ve never eaten scallops, but he tells me they’re his favorite. They have the texture of a tongue, and I briefly consider that he’s sending me a message” – Tarryn Fisher

“Take off your shoes and stop running. Live barefoot and fucking fight” – Tarryn Fisher

“I don’t like working out of any kind. Not the body or the heart. Just thinking about working things out makes me tired” – Tarryn Fisher

“And I know I’m wearing a slutty dress, and my hair is a mess, and people are looking at me. But they can’t see my heart” – Tarryn Fisher

“I find a job; I go back to being me. I don’t remember my dreams anymore” – Tarryn Fisher

“I’m folding my emotions like a piece of paper – a tiny square, into a tiny square, into a tiny square. When they’re folded up enough I can leave them in a corner of my mind somewhere, to be forgotten” – Tarryn Fisher

“Let people feel the weight of who you really are, and let them fucking deal with it” – Tarryn Fisher

“You shouldn’t have to convince anyone to choose you. There is no real choice in love” – Tarryn Fisher

“This is something I’ve learned. You can’t run away to find yourself. Yourself is there no matter where you go” – Tarryn Fisher

“The best kind of love is the love that isn’t supposed to happen” – Tarryn Fisher

hate love quotes

“There is the only war in love,” he says. “If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re lying. The constant fight to keep love relevant, while growing and changing as a human, is the battle. You fight for them, fight to keep them, fight to love them. Do you fight for yourself, or do you fight for the relationship? What can’t you live without? There’s your answer” – Tarryn Fisher

“That’s the worst thing about being young. You really have no clue about all the changes that are coming. And when they come, no matter how people have warned you, you are genuinely surprised” – Tarryn Fisher

“I think it’s hard for you to fall in love because you like control, and you can’t control what another person does or feels, so you keep all your cards” – Tarryn Fisher

“We think we can control our lives, but our lives control us. And everything that touches our lives controls us. People have less power than they think they do. It’s just the reactions we control” – Tarryn Fisher

“You’re a dead language, you know that? No one is like you, and you are like no one” – Tarryn Fisher

“Fuck fear, and fuck Kit and fuck love. I don’t need any of that muggle shit” – Tarryn Fisher

“That’s the most pathetic part of being a human, the emotions you don’t ask for or want, they just rush you anyway” – Tarryn Fisher

“Nothing worth finding is actually easy to find” – Tarryn Fisher

“Art is the war against what we do not choose to feel. It’s the battle of color, words, sound, and shape, and it rages for or against love” – Tarryn Fisher

“Life is but a carousel of four seasons. Unpredictable for the most part. Happy. Unhappy. Content. Searching. Mess up the order, and they still rebound at one point or another. I’ve learned that revolution can be inward or outward. A move across the country to gain perspective. A change of heart and mind to gain sanity. But the point is to revolt when the season changes. If only to quench your thirst, revolt” – Tarryn Fisher

“You’re just raw, and yourself, and beautiful. You don’t need anything from anyone unless it’s the kind of love that chooses you first, always” – Tarryn Fisher

“Be good and be kind,” I tell her. “No matter how pretty you grow up to be” – Tarryn Fisher

“Trying to walk away from something you love is like trying to drown yourself. You want to, but it’s unnatural to not crave air” – Tarryn Fisher

“Contrast is important in life. We understand what light is because we can compare it with what we know is dark. Sweet is made sweeter after we eat something bitter. It’s the very same with sadness” – Tarryn Fisher

“Because I’m not brave enough to change with everyone watching me. I want to do it alone. I want it to be real” – Tarryn Fisher

“I know you; I walked with you once upon a dream…” – Tarryn Fisher

“You’re chasing him, but who’s chasing you?” – Tarryn Fisher

Fuck Love quotes

“We were both on the search for something true at the same time. Sometimes a person’s truth is another person’s love” – Tarryn Fisher

“Don’t be upset that you can’t attain constant happiness. It’s the quickest way to feel like a failure in life” – Tarryn Fisher

“She doesn’t even laugh; that’s a cackle” – Tarryn Fisher

“Now, I am paying the price, steeped in thoughts that are doggy paddling around my brain uselessly” – Tarryn Fisher

“But they can’t see my heart. If they could see my heart, they’d understand why my mascara is smudged” – Tarryn Fisher

“It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever experienced, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it anyway” – Tarryn Fisher

“Ten minutes for what? You’re sweating,” I say. “Did you take something, are you on the crack?” What type of drugs make you sweat like that? Crack? Heroine?” – Tarryn Fisher

“Because you might not like what you find” – Tarryn Fisher

“When I felt anxious or lost I would pull it out and touch all of my socks. All loners. All waiting to be reunited with their twin. I eventually outgrow the shoebox … and by that I mean there were too many socks” – Tarryn Fisher

“It’s considered blasphemy in Washington to not enjoy the rainless summer while you have it” – Tarryn Fisher

“Melancholy. But, man, when you get him to laugh, it feels like a real goddam treat” – Tarryn Fisher

“You have cheese in your hair,” Kit says. “Right there.” He motions to the spot. I don’t pull it out. Let the cheese have my hair” – Tarryn Fisher

“And, as I get to the airport, I realize that I’m a runner. Life gets hot and I pack my things and leave. It’s new, but so is being an adult. I’m learning about myself. But, hey! I did what I came to do. So I’m an accomplished runner. Greer” – Tarryn Fisher

“She’s always made me feel small, and I’m tired of it. She doesn’t look at me. No one wants to look at me. That’s how the truth works. If you avoid looking at it, you can pretend it’s not there” – Tarryn Fisher

“How come Justin Bieber never gets any better at being a thug?” – Tarryn Fisher

“You can’t run away to find yourself. Yourself is there no matter where you go” – Tarryn Fisher

no love quotes

“We are at that age that balances between independence and conferring with your friends about every minuscule decision you make. I’ve never liked that part of adolescence” – Tarryn Fisher

“Love is faithful, love is kind, love is patient. Love is not—I wasn’t thinking” – Tarryn Fisher

“It’s okay to talk to yourself here; I saw someone else doing it” – Tarryn Fisher

“The truth is often angry” – Tarryn Fisher

“That’s why we make art, Helena,” Greer says. “Art is the war against what we do not choose to feel. It’s the battle of color, words, sound, and shape, and it rages for or against love” – Tarryn Fisher

“Fuck love, Fuck Florida, Fuck Kit Isley and his prettier-than-me girlfriend” – Tarryn Fisher

“Think that the right girl can wipe away the memories of the wrong girl” – Tarryn Fisher

“Hoes before bros!” I yell at the phone. But it’s too late. A bro came, and both the hos are in turmoil” – Tarryn Fisher

“I was just a flat line until he came along. And maybe now I’m hurting. But isn’t that what love is supposed to do? Make you feel, make you brave, make you look at yourself more carefully?” – Tarryn Fisher

“I’m in an emotional purgatory, the up and the down, the right and the wrong. I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m trying not to… touch him” – Tarryn Fisher

“But perhaps art isn’t supposed to make you feel good, but just to make you feel. Does it cure the numb? I don’t know” – Tarryn Fisher

“What’s a Muggle?” he asks, taking it from me. “I save that mug for special people, Kit. Don’t ask questions” – Tarryn Fisher

“Sweet is made sweeter after we eat something bitter” – Tarryn Fisher

sad love quotes

“Maybe people who have had too much of it. Or people who have had too little. Or people who are too shallow to appreciate its hard edges” – Tarryn Fisher

“Embrace the lows so that you can more effectively enjoy the highs. Love the fight. Love it so much, and let it save you when your emotional muscles have become soft” – Tarryn Fisher

“That’s why you never smile. You’d be a better man if you drank coffee” – Tarryn Fisher

“I am crouched in the trashy novel section, looking for cheap thrills and deep skills” – Tarryn Fisher

“I don’t know much about artists, but I’m beginning to feel as if they possess sorcery” – Tarryn Fisher

“I have a disease called can’t keep your fucking mouth shut” – Tarryn Fisher

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