The Best 64 Outsourcing Quotes That Nobody Will Tell You!

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Outsourcing from another farm or hiring a company for a specific segment is getting popular in recent days. Freelancing marketplaces is popular for this type of work. Outsourcing is helpful for strategic business. It helps you to get things done within minimum cost. 

Many politicians, Industrialists and business owners have talked about this outsourcing. Below QuotesGuides family have gathered some of them mind blowing outsourcing quotes from various resources. Hope you’ll enjoy it. 

“You need to start paying other people to do stuff for you even before you feel you are ready.” – Kevin Kruse

“We are entering a world, where the only legitimate borders for work are skill boundaries.” – Gyan Nagpal

“The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.” – Azim Premji

Outsourcing Quotes for business

“In the long run, outsourcing is another form of trade that benefits the U.S. economy by giving us cheaper ways to do things.” – Janet Yellen

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” – Peter Drucker

“Outsourcing was the bogeyman of the ’90s. Protectionists portrayed it as an evil that would take American jobs away. Yes, some jobs did go offshore as people feared, but it made the global economic pie grow bigger.” – Vivek Wadhwa

“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.” – Lee Kuan Yew

“Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses.” – Ryan Khan

“Challenges create opportunities. Outsourcing service providers are very aggressively examining their products and services to create greater value and increase market share in these times. Companies are recognizing they need to use this as an opportunity to strengthen relationships with their partners because each one of those partners will make them a better company.” – Michael Corbett

“Companies are past the basics of talking about outsourcing and offshoring. Executives understand outsourcing now and want to know how to effectively use it in their organizations.” – Jagdish Dalal

“Being in the consumer business helps us groom talent in areas like marketing, finance and logistics. We can benchmark our outsourcing business to our consumer business and its best practices.” – Azim Premji

“The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it.” – Alphonso Jackson

“And just remember, every dollar we spend on outsourcing is spent on U.S. goods or invested back in the U.S. market. That’s accounting.” – Arthur Laffer

Outsourcing Quotes

“Outsourcing is inevitable, and I don’t think it’s necessarily treating people like things.” – Stephen Covey

“Outsourcing, information technology revolution, the access to India’s human resources, India’s pool of scientists. It will help American companies to become learner, meaner, more efficient, and they become more competitive, both in the United States and in dealing with the rest of the world.” – Manmohan Singh

“I’ve decided to take advantage of outsourcing. My next novel will be written by a couple of guys in Bangalore, India.” – Tom Robbins

“India’s great economic boom, the arrival of the Internet and outsourcing, have broken the wall between provincial India and the world.” – Aravind Adiga

“Outsourcing American jobs will prove to be a plus for the economy in the long run. It’s simply a new way of doing international trade.” – Greg Mankiw

“If self-employment is the opposite of being employed-by-other, then a job is outsourcing your freedom (time and talent) to a boss.” – Richie Norton

“Get it done fast, cost effective and with professional results to outsource your medical data entry functions.” – Sophia Nora

“The real power of outsourcing going forward is going to be that it increases an organization’s core capacity for change and growth. The business challenges over the next decade are going to be very different than anything we’ve seen so far and the companies that weave a powerful network of global partners through outsourcing will be the winners.” – Michael Corbett

“The politics around trade has always been tough, particularly in the Democratic party, because people have memories of outsourcing and job loss.” – Barack Obama

business outsourcing quotes

“The need for access to talent will lead companies to think about outsourcing as a means of accelerating innovation and gaining competitive advantage. This will lead to a transformation of the outsourcing profession where innovation will be valued much higher than pure cost savings.” – Jagdish Dalal

“Businesses are no longer receiving the cost savings from outsourcing that they once did.” – Gerald Chertavian

“I will support legislation that benefits the American worker and prevents the outsourcing of American jobs.” – Ed Pastor

“General Electric, NBC’s parent, is one of the largest corporations in the world, with an anti-labor history of outsourcing jobs and with financial links to military and nuclear power industries.” – Bernie Sanders

“Reforms are needed to stem the tide of outsourcing good jobs to other nations and to educate and train American workers to meet the challenges of the 21st-century world economy.” – Martin Luther King III

“Technology, outsourcing, a growing temp staffing industry, productivity efficiencies, have all replaced the middle class.” – James Altucher

“If we look to the future, when we talk about outsourcing jobs, when we talk about global competitiveness and our efficiency, none of that matters very much unless we have appropriate training and education for our young people today who are the workforce of tomorrow. It is an economic reality, and we are failing.” – Bill Frist

“The outsourcing gurus have been driving the theory, and they are saying everybody ought always to do this. But it is really contingent on where you are on the spectrum from “not good enough” to “more than good enough,” relative to each tier of the market.” – Clayton Christensen

“Reliable data on the outsourcing of American jobs is sorely missing from the debate on globalization.” – Dan Lipinski

“It’s just a reality of the business model. People are outsourcing a lot more, and China has established a pretty good infrastructure.” – Mario Morales

outsourcing services quotes

“We think the managed security services opportunity is enormous and so we have been an active participant and probably the largest firm in this space outside of an IBM or EDS, which does large outsourcing contracts.” – John W. Thompson

“One of the most widespread myths about the deal is that the Administration is outsourcing the security of our ports to a company from the United Arab Emirates.” – Christopher Bond

“When Mrs. Clinton ran for office, she promised economic growth across New York state, to bring in more than 200,000 jobs, … She has not. We have lost jobs to outsourcing and globalization and to sending our jobs and industries to foreign countries.” – David Brenner

“The tax code rewards corporations for outsourcing jobs, and their profits overseas, instead of investing here in the United States.” – Hillary Clinton

“Could it be, I wonder, that there is such a thing as a wantologist, someone we can hire to figure out what we want? Have I arrived at some final telling moment in my research on outsourcing intimate parts of our lives, or at the absurdist edge of the market frontier.” – Arlie Russell Hochschild

“Donald Trump talks a good game on trade, but he’s never lived it. He’s lined his pockets by outsourcing jobs to low-wage countries, and now he’s talking about trade as if he actually means it?” – Sherrod Brown

“The single greatest reason why we are losing a generation is because the home is no longer the place of the transference of the faith. We live in a day of ‘outsourcing’…Today, we have a generation of people that outsource their kids.” – Tony Evans

“What we’ve undergone in recent decades worldwide has been totally insane, and all of this is a result of capitalism. The workforce in Latin America was treated as a vulgar instrument for capital accumulation. Mechanisms of exploitation were imposed, such as outsourcing, labor mediation, and the like.The results are plain to see: greater inequality in Latin America; unemployment is higher than in previous decades; we haven’t resolved the problem of poverty; we’ve lost a great deal of sovereignty.” – Rafael Correa

“Looking at products, objects, and other references in the outside world can give you inspiration about how to make your brand better.” – Oscar Auliq-Ice

“Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation.” – Larry Elder

“The outsourcing of our memory to machines expands the amount of data to which we have access, but degrades our brain’s own ability to remember things.” – Douglas Rushkof

funny outsourcing quotes

“Apparently, sir you Chinese are far ahead of us in every respect, except that you don’t have entrepreneurs. And our nation, though it has no drinking water, electricity, sewage system, public transportation, sense of hygiene, discipline, courtesy, or punctuality, ‘’does’’ have entrepreneurs. Thousands and thousands of them. Especially in the field of technology. And these entrepreneurs—”we” entrepreneurs—have set up all these outsourcing companies that virtually run America now.” – Aravind Adiga

“President Obama has outsourced a major portion of the U.S. space program to the Russians. That’s national policy. Taxpayer money. So let’s stop playing games with this outsourcing distortion and talk about the fact that when we need a president that knows how to manage big enterprises and create jobs.” – John Sununu

“More American companies are getting bought by foreign firms or they`re becoming foreign firms or they`re outsourcing. Right now the tax code says if you want to make something in another country and re-import it back into America, go ahead and do that. We don’t want to incentivize that.” – Paul Ryan

“We’re going to cut taxes, deregulate to try to create general pro-growth conditions, at the same time, much more than any other Republican ever before, [Donald Trump] is going to focus on trying to tighten the labor market directly through discouraging outsourcing and tightening up on immigration, all towards the goal of actually increasing wages, that’s a new focus for the Republican Party and a very important one.” – Rich Lowry

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Negative Quotes About Outsourcing

“Outsourcing is a reflection of a bad economic environment domestically. If you fix that, you fix outsourcing. Our primary export is paper money, and that should change if you change the monetary policy.” – Ron Paul

“John Kerry, who says he doesn’t like outsourcing, wants to outsource our national security.” – Zell Miller

“If you rely too much on the people in other countries and other companies, in a sense that’s your brain and you are outsourcing your brain.” – Bill Gates

“To be sure, robotics are not the only job killers out there, with outsourcing stealing far more gigs than automation.” – Daniel Lyons

“What outsourcing causes – what it’s caused by, rather. I understand, for instance, how to read a balance sheet. I happen to believe that having been in the private sector for twenty-five years gives me a perspective on how jobs are created – that someone who’s never spent a day in the private sector, like President Obama, simply doesn’t understand.” – Mitt Romney  

“No outsourcing the “soul” of the company – let’s all agree to that. But most companies are more body than soul.” – Steven Pearlstein

outsourcing team quotes

“Outsourcing isn’t the answer to everything. Lots of internet marketing pundits will tell you to outsource, outsource, outsource. Having a trusted team that knows each other and enjoys working together is good, too.” – Ian Lurie

“The fact is whether one looks at this [outsourcing] in terms of men and women, working men and women in this country who are simply being screwed, or whether one looks at this in terms of corporations who are benefiting, the fact is it is certainly not helping the American economy.” – Lou Dobbs

“How are we going to make our livings in a society becoming increasingly jobless because of hi-tech and outsourcing? Where will we get the imagination to recognize that for most of human history the concept of Jobs didn’t even exist? Work, as distinguished from Labor, was done to produce needed goods and services, develop skills and artistry, and nurture cooperation.” – Grace Lee Boggs

“If I start outsourcing all my navigation to a little talking box in my car, I’m sort of screwed. I’m going to lose my car in the parking lot every single time.” – Ken Jennings

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Business Outsourcing Quotes

“Politically, the world economy really depends on consultants. Because it’s also, in a way, an outsourcing of responsibility. They can say, “Yeah, they told us to do that,” and the consultant says, “Yeah, but I’m just a consultant,” and nobody’s responsible anymore.” – Maren Ade

“Recording stories is a way of honoring the faculty of memory, even if it’s recorded, outsourcing memory to technology.” – Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor

“India is developing a lot of soft power, and it’s not just about us providing outsourcing and call centers to the world. We are providing a lot of thought and a way of life. I think we’re also respected for fundamentally a non-violent belief thanks to our religious roots whether it’s Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, we contributed more religions to the world than any part of the world and that’s something which does find its way into how the world looks at it.” – Cyril Shroff

“We’ve got a tax code that is encouraging flight of jobs and outsourcing. And that’s why we’ve specifically recommended in this campaign that Congress change our tax code so that we stop giving tax breaks to companies that are moving to Mexico and China and other places, and start putting those tax breaks into companies that are investing here in the United States.” – Barack Obama

“Engineers in the developed world should be arguing not for protectionism but for trade agreements that seek to establish rules that result in a real rise in living standards. This will ensure that outsourcing is a positive force in the developing nations economy and not an exploitative one.” – Brian Behlendorf

“Outsourcing of jobs and immigration are temporary pains that will eventually lead to global prosperity and unity.” – Salil Jha

negative quotes about outsourcing

“Our great history has been that people came to Michigan because you didn’t have to have a college degree to get a good-paying job. Consequently, we have got a larger number of our population that right now are facing outsourcing, et cetera, without higher or advanced degrees.” – Jennifer Granholm

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