15 Amazing Prince Ea Quotes And Sayings

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Richard Williams AKA Prince Ea is an American spoken word artist and motivational speaker. He started creating motivational videos in 2014. Now he has 5.5 million subscribers on youtube. He became popular after creating a large number of inspirational videos such as environmentalism, job life, race, and purposes of life. Here you can find the best Prince Ea quotes and a little explanation about these popular sayings. 

“Life is all about moments. No one in history has ever been able to hold on to one” – Prince Ea
(We have to live in moments. Neither past nor future. That what Prince Ea wants to say) 

“I Love the 3 AM version of people. Vulnerable, Honest, Real” – Prince Ea

prince ea quotes about life

(People who are wake up all night they are incredibly amazing. They have real emotions regarding their life. Prince Ea accomplished them by saying ‘Vulnerable and Honest’. And this is so true!) 

“I am so tired of performing in the pageantry of vanity and conforming to the accepted form of digital insanity” – Prince Ea

“Life is the most powerful weapon on the face of the earth” – Prince Ea

prince ea quotes about nature

(What is the most beautiful creation in the world? You, me, we, all of us. And of course, life is the most beautiful thing in the world)

“Call me crazy but I imagine a world where we smile when we have low batteries because that will mean we’re one bar closer to humanity” – Prince Ea

prince ea quotes environment

“Before the TRUTH can set you free, you must first recognize which LIES are holding you hostage” – Prince Ea
(We need to stay honest and real. Most of us live in lies. Fake moments, fake emotions and fake people surrounding us)

“Our role models today 60 years ago would have been examples of what not to be” – Prince Ea

“In the end, most people won’t regret the things they did, but they regret to the things they didn’t do” – Prince Ea

prince ea quotes about love

(Some people are living on this planet only for hurting people. They don’t even regret what they did to other people)

“I am not black and you are not white” – Prince Ea

“We are not apart from nature, we are a part of nature. And to betray nature is to betray us. To save nature is to save us” – Prince Ea

prince ea quotes about dreams

(We are also the part of nature. We can’t live on this planet without nature’s existence)

“It is up to us to take care of this planet, it is our only home. To betray nature is to betray us. To save nature is to save us. Because whatever you’re fighting for, racism or poverty. Feminism, gay rights, or any type of equality. It won’t matter in the least. Because if we don’t all work together to save the environment, we will be equally extinct” – Prince Ea

“Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody lives” – Prince Ea

(Bitter truth. Man is mortal. We all know this) 

“Why do we have to die to get to heaven? The earth is already in space” – Prince Ea

prince ea quotes

“Since when does the absence of evidence equate to evidence of absence?” – Prince Ea

“Love is the most powerful weapon on the face of the earth” – Prince Ea

(Without love nothing is able to survive on this brutal planet. And love is one kind of weapon also)

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