45+ Impressive Ripple Effect Quotes That Will Make You A Believer

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Maybe you are looking for the ripple effects quotes and sayings. Or maybe wanna know more about the ripple effect. 

Either way, you can fulfill your desire in this awesome writing.

The question is what is the other word for the ripple effect? You can call it an overspreading situation or never-ending effect or whatever you want. It’s up to you.  

And this is the legendary collection of ripple effect quotes. We collected these quotes from various resources. Hope you’ll like it. 

Anyways, the ripple effect means one kind of effect which is the starting point of many things. Mostly ripple effect is the physical property of water. But the ripple effect has various applied examples in many industries. Like business, economics, or computer programming. Perhaps, you are looking for none of them. 

I think you are searching for the sociological perspective of the ripple effect. And here you are. If you can create a positive ripple in a courageous mindset then you maybe expect some positive outcome. Everything in the world has a positive or negative impact. You will get the result of whatever you do. Like the butterfly effect, a small positive vibration can bring you massive success!

Just like a single drop of water creates a wave, every step you take will bring results. Which is often the case in business. That’s what try making your own positive ripples in people around you. You know that already – Mindset is everything. And how do you do that? By creating positive ripples. 😉

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

“When you do some good work and if it inspires others, then you have just created the ripple effect.” – Mohith Agadi

quotes ripple effect your actions

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” – Dalai Lama

“Gaiety is often the reckless ripple over depths of despair.” – Edwin Hubbel Chapin

“The Ripple network is a protocol. It’s like HTTP for money. Users, merchants, anyone can use it for free without a license.” – Chris Larsen

“You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripples for change.” – Tim Cook

“The idea that everything is purposeful really changes the way you live. To think that everything that you do has a ripple effect, that every word that you speak, every action that you make affects other people and the planet.” – Victoria Moran

“You have been created in order that you might make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world.” – Andy Andrews

“We need to take action to develop compassion, to create inner peace within ourselves, and to share that inner peace with our family and friends. Peace and warm-heartedness can then spread through the community just as ripples radiate out across the water when you drop a pebble into a pond.” – Dalai Lama

“When you drop any new idea in the pond of the world, you get a ripple effect. You have to be aware that you will be creating a cascade of change.” – Joel A. Barker

ripple effect of kindness quotes

“To become more conscious is the greatest gift anyone can give to the world; moreover, in a ripple effect, the gift comes back to its source.” – David Hawkins

“Acts of sacrifice and decency without regard to what’s in it for you create a ripple effect. Ones that lift up families and communities, that spread opportunity.” – Barack Obama

“Having a vested interest in other souls unconditionally creates a ripple effect that produces miracles in the lives of those around us.” – Molly Friedenfeld

“Don’t underestimate the ripple effect of what you do. These kinds of actions have toppled empires.” – Leila Janah

“Small acts of decency ripple in ways we could never imagine.” – Cory Booker

“If you don’t invest in the woman, empower her, give her the things she needs to lift her family up, you’re just not going to make the progress that you want to make. But if you put her at the center, you can change a lot for that family, and it has ripple effects through the economy.” – Melinda Gates

“How much harm, eddying outward in fateful circles, Clement was beginning to foresee.” – Unknown

“We all get damned in our lives, and there are ripple effects. One thing can determine a life, and it’s hard to overcome that if the event is really traumatic. Your life is completely condemned by it.” – Matthias Schoenaerts

“Be The Peace You Wish To See In The World!” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The help we give to others creates the ripple of good feeling we give to ourselves.” – Gina Greenlee

ripple effect metaphor

“It is my hope that everyone’s valiant efforts will have a ripple effect that will carry us forth into a fairer future. ‘The arc of the moral universe is long,’ said Martin Luther King Jr., ‘but it bends toward justice.’ And because I have been witness to so many people who lent their support to this good cause, I am lifted up by them — lifted up so high that I can see the end of that arc.” – Prince Gomolvilas

“Every decision that they take has enormous consequences, and ripple out from the White House.” – Sidney Blumenthal

“Build what you want to see in the world.” – Jack Dorsey

“Big Data allows us to see patterns we have never seen before. This will clearly show us interdependence and connections that will lead to a new way of looking at everything. It will let us see the ‘real-time’ cause and effect of our actions. What we buy, eat, donate, and throw away will be visual in a real-time map to see the ripple effect of our actions. That could only lead to mores-conscious behavior.” – Tiffany Shlain

“Life as a therapist is a life of service in which we daily transcend our personal wishes and turn our gaze toward the needs and growth of the other. We take pleasure not only in the growth of our patient but also in the ripple effect—the salutary influence our patients have upon those whom they touch in life.” – Irvin D. Yalom

“Ripple is focused on enabling a global network of financial institutions to use our software to create what we call the Internet of Value.” – Brad Garlinghouse

“There is a ripple effect to the gospel that’s inevitable. There’s a ripple effect to true grace. It doesn’t lead us to only sit and contemplate what happened to us. It leads us to proclaim what’s happened to us—and what can happen to anybody and everybody on the planet.” – Louie Giglio

“For a whole generation after the battle of Pydna, the Roman state enjoyed a profound calm, scarcely varied by a ripple here and there on the surface.” – Theodor Mommsen

small ripples make big waves

“Maybe the yogi is a parent who’s a little more patient with their child, or a more compassionate coworker, or an understanding boss. Perhaps, they pick up a piece of trash that wasn’t theirs, turn off a light when they’re not in the room, or turn off the water while they brush their teeth, sensitive to the finite nature of our worldly resources. When we become mindful this way, there’s a ripple effect. We inspire others to do the same.” – David F. Swensen

“When we liberate the economic potential of women, we elevate the economic performance of communities, nations, and the world… There is a stimulative and ripple effect that kicks in when women have greater access to jobs and the economic lives of our countries: Greater political stability. Fewer military conflicts. More food. More educational opportunities for children… By harnessing the economic potential of all women, we boost the opportunity for all people.” – Hillary Clinton

“There’s a ripple effect in being underpaid for women. Ten thousand women are turned down every day for domestic abuse shelters. Part of domestic abuse is often economic suppression; the male might take your paycheck every week and never give you money or allow you to work because he’s too jealous.” – Patricia Arquette

“Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple.” – Gene Wilder

“We have strong evidence today that studying a foreign language has a ripple effect, helping to improve student performance in other subjects.” – Richard Riley

“In space, everything is dependent on everything else and one hiccup causes a lot of ripple effects.” – Anne McClain

ripple effect quotes and sayings

“We live as ripples of energy in the vast ocean of energy.” – Deepak Chopra

“We come and go just like ripples in a stream.” – John V. Politis

Inspirational Ripple Effect Quotes

Ripple effect is an incredible metaphor in taking action and showing kindness. We have already seen that we can do many things by using the ripple effect. This can be the biggest source of inspiration for you. That’s why we’ve put a lot of inspirational ripple effect quotes in this section. You must like it.

“We believe that Ripple will change the way the world thinks about and uses currency through universal access to a trusted, transparent, and easy-to-understand multi-currency financial tool.” – Chris Larsen

“Be the trouble you want to see in the world.” – Joey Comeau

“Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripple out in ever-expanding circles that positively impact the world at large.” – Shari Arison

“Saw VI’ has a really interesting theme about the ripple effect. Everything you do affects the guy next to you, which affects the guy next to him, which affects her over here. And you might think that what you’re doing is not that significant, but just the way you respond to other people makes the world the way it is.” – Tobin Bell

“I think that once you open the door and allow people in on a certain aspect, it’s very hard to then control how far that ripple effect is. So I think that the person who is known or famous has the ability to decide what they do or don’t want to share.” – Rosie O’Donnell

“Companies operating in urban communities have a tremendous ripple effect.” – Michael Porter

“Your behavior influences others through a ripple effect. A ripple effect works because everyone influences everyone else. Powerful people are powerful influences.” – John Heider

positive ripple effect quotes

“Everybody talks about wanting to change things and help and fix, but ultimately all you can do is fix yourself. And that’s a lot. Because if you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect.” – Rob Reiner

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Theresa

“When the environment makes gender salient, there is a ripple effect on the mind. We start to think of ourselves in terms of our gender, and stereotypes and social expectations become more prominent in the mind. This can change self-perception, alter interests, debilitate or enhance ability, and trigger unintentional discrimination. In other words, the social context influences who you are, how you think, and what you do.” – Cordelia Fine

“Be the compromise you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

ripple effect quotes

“It takes but one person, one moment, one conviction, to start a ripple of change.” – Donna Brazile

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