Top 60 Superhero Quotes For Kids

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This is an inspirational writing about superhero quotes and sayings for kids. Kids are always fascinated by superhero movies and TV shows. They thought superheroes do exist and they always try to act or think like superheroes. If you want to share a superhero story to your kid, this quotes collection writing can help you in this matter. Just remember your son is your superhero. And of course your kid should also be made to believe that they are also superheroes! 

“The measure of a superhero is always his nemesis.” – David Lyons

“Superpowers, don’t always make you a superhero.” – Michael Grant

my son is my superhero quotes

“If you cage the beast, the beast will get angry.” – The Indian Feed

“What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object?’ They surrender.” – Superman

“I need a day when there aren’t twenty crises to deal with, but I don’t see that coming any time soon.” – Iron Man

“No man can win every battle, but no man should fall without a struggle.” – Peter Parker

“The future is worth it. All the pain. All the tears. The future is worth the fight.” – Martian Manhunter

“Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever you were gonna do anyway.” – Iron Man

“Superheroes were born in the minds of people desperate to be rescued.” – Jodi Picoult

“When I was very young, most of my childhood heroes wore capes, flew through the air, or picked up buildings with one arm. They were spectacular and got a lot of attention. But as I grew, my heroes changed, so that now I can honestly say that anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.” – Fred Rogers

“It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.” – Norman Schwarzkopf

“Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad.” – Unknown

superhero quotes for kids

“We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up…discovering we have the strength to stare it down.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Being a hero isn’t about letting others know you did the right thing, it’s about you knowing you did the right thing.” – Grandpa Max Tennyson

“The bravest sight in the world is to see a great man struggling against adversity.” – Seneca

“Life doesn’t give us a purpose. We give life purpose.” – The Flash

“The strength of this country isn’t in the building of brick and steel. It’s in the hearts of those who have sworn to fight for its freedom.” – Captain America

“… When you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in super unexpected places.” – Ms. Marvel

“You are much stronger than you think you are, trust me.” – Superman

“If there is nothing but what we make in this world, brothers… let us make it good.” – Beta Ray Bill

“Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero’s heart.” – Unknown

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph Campbell

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – Christopher Robin

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“I think a hero is really any person intent on making this a better place for all people.” – Maya Angelou

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve

“The hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by.” – Felix Adler

“The door is more than it appears. It separates who is from who you can be. You do not have to walk through it. You can run…” – Franklin Richards

“The future is worth it. All the pain, all the tears. The future is worth the fight.” – Martian Manhunter

“You are going to make a difference. A lot of time it won’t be huge, it won’t be visible even. But it will matter just the same.” – James Gordon

“… In a world of ordinary mortals, you are a wonder woman.” – Queen Hippolyta

“You only have your thoughts and dreams ahead of you. You are someone, you mean something.” – Batman

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben

“The real crime would be not to finish what we started.” – Doctor Octopus

“The greatest power on Earth is the magnificent power we all of us possess… the power of the human brain!” – Professor X

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“It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.” – Wonder Woman

“The fate of your planet rests not in the hands of gods. It rests in the hands of mortals.” – Thor

“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.” – Man of Steel

“Newfound power leads to a new perspective.” – Jonathan Hickman

“Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” – Alfred Pennyworth

“All men have limits. They learn what they are and they learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine.” – Chuck Dixon

“Violence doesn’t discriminate. It comes as cold and bracing as a winter breeze and it leaves you with a chill you can’t shake off.” – Daredevil

“Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn’t mean they can’t be saved.” – Professor Charles Xavier

“Faith is my sword. Truth is my shield. Knowledge is my armor.” – Stephen Strange

“If there is nothing but what we make in this world, brothers…let us make it good.” – Beta Ray Bill

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“Gold is tried by fire, brave men by adversity.” – Seneca

“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” – Arthur Ashe

“Those who say that we’re in a time when there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look.” – Ronald Reagan

“What is a superhero? They’re supposed to represent hope, opportunity, and strength for everybody.” – Aldis Hodge

“Intelligence is a privilege, and it needs to be used for the greater good of people.” – Dr. Octopus

“Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” – Iron Man

“…Turning your ankle hurts like hell, even if you’re a superhero.” – Christopher Moore

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Superhero Quotes From Superman

“There Is A Right And A Wrong In The Universe And The Distinction Should Not Be Hard To Make.

“It’s Never As Bad As It Seems. You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are. Trust Me.”

“I once thought I could protect the world by myself. But I was wrong. Working together, we saved the planet. And I believe that if we stay together, As a team, we would be a force that could truly work for the ideals of peace and justice.”

“The ‘Amazing’ can only be created by facing fear, risk, and failure during the process.”

superman quotes

“So many of our dreams seem impossible, they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will they soon become inevitable.”

“I believe in second chances, I believe in Redemption but mostly I believe in my friends.”

“There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.”

“You will be different, sometimes you’ll feel like an outcast, but you’ll never be alone.”

“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first, the trust part comes later.”

“No matter where you go in life there’s always going to be the one person that wants to bring you down, so stay strong and face your problems instead of running away.”

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