40+ Best Superstore Quotes And Sayings

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Superstore is an American single-camera sitcom television series that premiered on NBC on November 30, 2015. The series was created by Justin Spitzer, who served as an executive producer for four seasons.

Below we gathered the best quotes and sayings from this TV series. Here we covered the best sayings from Dina, Amy and some random quotes from Superstore. Hope you’ll love it. 

“Tomorrow is gonna be just like today, and I know that because today is just like yesterday.” – Amy Dubanowski

“I’ve taken four breaks today, so I guess we both got stuff to brag about.” – Garrett McNeill

superstore quotes dina

“Balloons are like our souls. They want to go up, but can’t, and when you pop them, they scream.” – Glenn Sturgis

“Strawberry blondes should not be allowed to grow facial hair. That should be in our constitution.episode.” – Amy Dubanowski

“I didn’t set out to have a baby. It came from sex.” – Cheyenne

“I think it says something about our priorities that we spend so much money on pets when there are literally millions of children without adequate nutrition.” – Jonah Simms

“It’s just like my mom always said, if you don’t work hard, baby Jesus will cry.” – Mateo Liwanag

“My point is, there are people who do nothing and there are people who do something, and I am one of those people. The something group” – Jonah Simms 

“You know, one second everything’s great and then you step on some invisible land mine and you’re fighting. Boom!” – Amy Dubanowski

“Well, I mainly work with found milk. You know, a mom leaves a bottle on a table at a food court and, you figure she’s okay with people taking a little off the top.” – Marcus White

superstore quotes

“He pulled me into his Kia, and he said to me, ‘Sandra take out your taters.” – Sandra Kaluiokalani

“Some days you get the giraffe, and other days you get the wig.” – Cheyenne Lee

“Yeah, am I tough? Uh, yeah, but I’m a pharmacist. I have to be tough, or people die. They don’t pay me what they pay me to slack off. It’s $116,670 a year. Yeah, so I’m doing pretty well for myself.” – Tate Staskiewicz

“Tate: Why does a pharmacist want to slum it as an assistant manager? I mean, is this a prank show? Is there a camera watching? Just truth is, I need a break. Have you ever held a dying man’s hand in yours while you had to tell him that we don’t accept rewards points for his medication? He literally died while I was holding his hand.” – Tate Staskiewicz

“Alprazolam, Good, good times.” – Tate Staskiewicz

“Yo, I don’t like working here. Okay. But it’s my job. I do the bare minimum, but I don’t do less than that. And I’m not about to let a bunch of deal-hungry rubes trash our store and make me feel bad for Dina, which I did not think was possible. So I’ma get out there, and I’ma finish my shift. And yeah, I’ma cut corners, and I’ma phone it in, but it’ll never be said that Garrett McNeill did not do just enough to not get fired.” – Garrett McNeill

“It’s all hands on deck, so quit your Myspacing and get on the register. That’s an order.” – Dina Fox

superstore quotes glenn

“Is it true that the Olympic Village is basically just a three-week-long Slammerama?” – Dina Fox

“A psychopath doesn’t have a conscience. A sociopath knows what he’s doing is wrong but does it anyway.” – Dina Fox

“Dude, you can’t get everybody here to agree to join a union. We couldn’t even agree on a theme for our summer barbecue. Ended up being 1980s Arabian Nights Under The Sea Harry Potter.” – Garrett McNeill

“You are a journalist and a rapist, and those are the two worst things any person can be.” – Dina Fox

“Attention, employees make your way to the Break Room for a harassment meeting. Shoppers, go about your business. This is a private matter concerning our floor manager Amy, and a 14-year-old boy” – Dina Fox

“Tomorrow is gonna be just like today, and I know that because today is just like yesterday.” – Amy Dubanowski

“Jonah the working class savant with a few business school credits. Jonah, where are you going? Together we could solve immigration.” – Jonah Simms

“I cannot physically touch you, but I can get very close.” – Dina Fox

superstore marcus quotes

“I’m a hunter. Some people like to hunt elk or deer. I hunt people, and your head is going on my wall.” – Dina Fox

“I’m going to unleash crazy Amy. You guys can call me Craymie” – Amy Dubanowski

“I used to end these meetings with some wisdom from the Good Book, but then someone reported me to corporate” – Glenn Sturgis

“Just want to let you know, I know names besides Steve.” – Glenn Sturgis

“I’m a Christian too, but in these four walls, my bible is the employee code of conduct.” – Dina Fox

“Do you want your child raised in a home with loaded handguns laying around? Or do you want your child raised by Glenn?” – Dina Fox

“Turns out they had a meth lab in their basement, which, turns out, was just a front for a dog fighting ring.” – Glenn Sturgis

“I guess I’m just a human vibrator, built for Amy’s pleasure.” – Tate Staskiewicz

superstore quotes cheyenne

“Has anyone noticed anything out of the ordinary back here?” – Dina Fox

“Well, it’s Halloween, so everything’s kind of out of the ordinary.” – Amy Dubanowski

“I can’t be around Dina in that costume. It’s like, my rational brain says that’s the same crazy fascist that physically removed gum from my mouth, but my caveman brain says, hey, man, boobs.  It’s very confusing.” – Garrett McNeill

“God doesn’t make mistakes very often, but when he does, you have to throw them right in the trash.” – Glenn Sturgis

“I can’t be a single mom. I have never even driven on the highway before. What if the baby needs to go downtown?” – Cheyenne

“We spend hours on the phone, just talking. He loves my taste in music. I spend the night at his hotel when he’s in town. We make love on silk sheets. Oh, God, he’s gentle and strong. Sometimes he’s dark. He took me to the edge of his balcony once and he asked, ‘Are you afraid?’ And I said, ‘Yes.’ And he said, ‘Good.’ That’s how I feel with you. And then we made love. And then we ate dinner, Mm, and it was fancy. He thinks I’m prettier than my sister. Yeah.” – Sandra Kaluiokalani

“Welcome to the no options club. It’s a cool club. Most of America’s in it. We meet on Tuesdays.” – Amy Dubanowski

“Could it be a race riot? It’s so hard to tell in the early stages.” – Glenn Sturgis

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“People assume all Christians are homophobes. You know, that is ignorant. You can’t imagine how hard it is being stereotyped.” – Glenn Sturgis

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