60+ Best Tim Tebow Quotes

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Timothy Richard Tebow is an American professional baseball player. He is Also known as ‘Tebowing’. Tim Tebow is a hardworking and enthusiastic person. He gives many speeches about his career and the perspective of his entire life. Tebow is known for his outspoken Christian faith. Here are some of this. May these Tim Tebow Quotes inspire you and motivate you to think effectively. 

“I don’t know that I am a great leader at all, I just know I really care about what I do” – Tim Tebow

“It’s OK to be outspoken about your faith” – Tim Tebow

“There are several things that keep me grounded and focused… When you can humble yourself to say ‘I’m no more important than anyone else. I just have a gift” – Tim Tebow

tim tebow quotes about god

“We have to humble ourselves and the way you do that is by serving other people” – Tim Tebow

“I think staying grounded is one of the hardest things we’ll ever do in our lives. It’s always back and forth. To be able to stay grounded, we need to live with open hands that everything that we have has been given to us by the creator of this universe. He can take it, and he can give it back to us. He can take some things, and he can give us new things. When a door closes, a new one is going to open” – Tim Tebow

“For me, it’s a great opportunity on a public platform to get on your knees and humble myself and thank the Lord for all the blessings he’s put in my life” – Tim Tebow

“I try to learn from every experience, good or bad” – Tim Tebow

“You can be extremely bright and still have dyslexia. You just have to understand how you learn and how you process information. When you know that, you can overcome a lot of the obstacles that come with dyslexia. When you figure out how you learn, you can accomplish whatever you want” – Tim Tebow

“It’s important to take God’s love personally, though it may not be an easy thing to do. Sure, God loves the world, but he also loves each one of us individually” – Tim Tebow

“Mom used to quote Isaiah 64: about waiting on the Lord. It doesn’t mean being complacent. It means understanding that he has a plan and that we’re not the ones in control. In the meantime, we need to strive to use our gifts and abilities fully” – Tim Tebow

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – Tim Tebow

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“You’re going to have injuries, danger, and glory in every sport. What makes football unique is that every person on that team needs to count on everybody else. It’s the ultimate team game and you have to depend on your coaches, you have to depend on your support staff, you have to depend on your teammates” – Tim Tebow

“Success comes in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t come with money and it doesn’t come with fame. It comes from having meaning in your life, doing what you love, and being passionate about what you do. That’s having a life of success. When you have the ability to do what you love, love what you do, and have the ability to impact people. That’s having a life of success. That’s what having a life of meaning is” – Tim Tebow

“The media will make a controversy out of anything if they can” – Tim Tebow

“Just keep believing. This is an opportunity where great things can happen and let’s are great right now” – Tim Tebow

“I am competitively aggressive. My dream since I was a young boy was to be an NFL quarterback. I am living that dream” – Tim Tebow

“And so I look at it as a relationship that I have with him that I want to give him the honor and glory anytime I have the opportunity. And then right after I give him the honor and glory, I always try to give my teammates the honor and glory. And that’s how it works because Christ comes first in my life, and then my family, and then my teammates” – Tim Tebow

“You know, I think He honestly does care about how we play on the field, more than anything more than a win or lose our hearts on the field” – Tim Tebow

“Continue to fight. Continue to hope. Continue to have faith. I promise you, it’s worth it” – Tim Tebow

“It’s not the dreamers that are remembered, it’s the doers” – Tim Tebow

“But – but the greatest way to witness is by walking that straight and narrow and also realizing that you’re going to mess up. That’s what grace is for. We’re going to fall, but we’ve got to get back up. And you’ve got to improve. And that’s what I’m all about” – Tim Tebow

“One single great player doesn’t make anything for a team; it has to be a team. I think [American] football is the greatest team sport there is because you have to depend on your brother next to you” – Tim Tebow

“As a competitor and an athlete, you have to believe in yourself.  And you have to believe in the people who believe in you” – Tim Tebow

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“I can’t control the naysayers. I can control my attitude and work ethic and determination and that’s what I’m focused on now” – Tim Tebow

“I think sports media really do need to think about the world in more humble terms. Not everything is the game of the century, and not everything is life or death” – Tim Tebow

“You and I were created by God to be so much more than normal…Following the crowd is not a winning approach to life. In the end, it’s a loser’s game because we never become who God created us to be by trying to be like everybody else” – Tim Tebow

“Every time I step on the field, I’m going to give my whole heart regardless of the score” – Tim Tebow

“You can’t lose confidence in yourself, or you’ve lost already. When you get knocked down, you’ve got to keep getting back up” – Tim Tebow

“When I say something, I want people to take it to the bank that I mean it and believe in it. It humbles me that companies want me. It’s a challenge to uphold their values and make their product look good. I take that personally” – Tim Tebow

“I don’t try to focus on anything that doesn’t affect me personally and how I go out there every single day. I’m just going to continue to work hard and focus on what I can control” – Tim Tebow

“I don’t really regret much. I know there are things that I’ve done that have been wrong and wish I could do over again, but I feel it’s all made me who I am today, and I’m very thankful for that” – Tim Tebow

“We can control a few things: our attitude, our effort, our focus and how we go about treating our teammates” – Tim Tebow

“I am someone that is very competitive. When I’m on the field, I compete. When I’m practicing, when I’m in meetings. I’m a competitor in everything” – Tim Tebow

“I don’t judge my self-worth as a football player. Football is something I love. It’s a fun career deal, but it’s not what I want to do with my life, because I see football as a game” – Tim Tebow

“Don’t worry about what you can’t control” – Tim Tebow

“When you die there’s going to be a tombstone. It’s going to have your name. It’s gonna have the year you’re born and the day you die. In between, there’s going to be a dash. And that dash is going to represent everything you did in your life, good and bad. That’s how you’re remembered. What do you want your dash to represent?” – Tim Tebow

“I rely on a lot of green drinks to get my vegetables” – Tim Tebow

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“My relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life. So any time I get an opportunity to tell Him that I love Him or given the opportunity to shout Him out on national TV, I’m gonna take that opportunity. And so I look at it as a relationship that I have with Him that I want to give Him the honor and glory anytime I have the opportunity” – Tim Tebow

“If someone is there to believe in you, to care about you and support you, amazing things can happen” – Tim Tebow

“The lows are disappointing but that makes the highs much sweeterThat’s what drives you to compete” – Tim Tebow

“I have so many things to work on and so many ways that I fail. But that’s what grace is all about. and I constantly wake up every morning trying to get better, trying to improve, trying to walk closer to God” – Tim Tebow

“You just try to be nice to everybody and treat them all the same. Treat them how you would want to be treated” – Tim Tebow

“I’m just thankful for everything, all the blessings in my life, trying to stay that way. I think that’s the best way to start your day and finish your day. It keeps everything in perspective” – Tim Tebow

“If you believe, sometimes unbelievable things are possible” – Tim Tebow

“I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future” – Tim Tebow

“Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your burdens” – Tim Tebow

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“For me, my goal is to be able to impact as many people as possible for something good, for something right; to be able to leave a legacy of something bigger than myself – not for winning games, not for scoring touchdowns, but that Jesus Christ has changed my life. You can love God, and you can love people. There’s more to this world than money, fame, and power. You can have an impact, no matter who you are; no matter what platform. No matter how big or small of a role model, there’s someone watching you. There’s a life that you can change. There’s a life that you can impact” – Tim Tebow

“I am not better than anyone else just because I play football” – Tim Tebow

“I really try to enjoy life and have joy with what I do” – Tim Tebow

“What God knows about us is more important than what others think.”

“And while I may get hurt, disappointed, or frustrated […], my foundation doesn’t have to change” – Tim Tebow

“I’m not perfect. I’m never going to be. And that’s the great thing about living the Christian life and trying to live by faith, is you’re trying to get better every day. You’re trying to improve” – Tim Tebow

“No matter what happens, you’re always going to have those critics and those haters. You just have to learn how to deal with that. I think I have and accept that” – Tim Tebow

“Where we start to lose it is when we start to grasp onto what we think is ours. No, this is mine. No, that’s my career. That’s my money. That’s my platform. But really, no, it’s yours, God. It’s not mine. You might lend it to me for a little while. You might let me hold onto it. You might let me use it for a little bit, but that’s not mine; it’s yours. Thank you for letting me use that for a little while. I think that’s what staying grounded means” – Tim Tebow

“On the field, I’m trying to play for the glory of God but then also I’m trying to give everything I have and win and compete. And so I think more than just winning or losing, I think He cares about where our hearts are when we’re playing” – Tim Tebow

“Regardless of what happens, I still honor my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, because, at the end of the day, that’s what’s important, win, or lose. … We need to get back to one nation under God and be role models for kids” – Tim Tebow

“People often seem to think that when you’re following the Lord and trying to do His will, your path will always be clear, the decisions smooth and easy, and life will be lived happily ever after and all that. Sometimes that may be true, but I’ve found that more often, it’s not. The muddled decisions still seem muddled, bad things still happen to believers, and great things can happen to nonbelievers. When it comes to making our decisions, the key that God is concerned with is that we are trusting and seeking Him. God’s desire is for us to align our lives with His Word and His will” – Tim Tebow

“It’s pretty easy for me to say that the most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ, followed by my relationship with the family. And football’s later on down the line” – Tim Tebow

“We all know of people who thought they could to it (whatever “it” is) tomorrow. We have all procrastinated on such a way, and often to our personal regret. It happens time and again, putting off things that we convince ourselves might be better, more meaningful, more appropriate for another time. So often that better time either never comes or really isn’t better or more appropriate after all. And then, sadly, the window of opportunity -to do something great- closes” – Tim Tebow

“Don’t be normal. Be an example” – Tim Tebow

“If I didn’t work as hard as I could, then I think it would be a bit like saying, ‘God, thanks for giving me this ability, but I don’t really care about it. I’m going to do something else, and I’m not going to work quite as hard” – Tim Tebow

“We were created by Love, in love, and for love” – Tim Tebow

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“Something I learned early in college (is) to not worry about what I can’t controlBut what I can control is my attitude, my effort, my focus every single day and that’s what I’m trying to worry about” – Tim Tebow

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