60+ Awesome Quotes From You Are A Badass By Jen Sincero

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Jen Sincero is an American writer, speaker, and success mentor. His first book ‘Don’t Sleep With Your Drummer’ A semi-autobiographical novel about a rock band. You Are A Badass is a NewYork Times bestseller. This book is the best for self-motivation and knowing oneself deeply. If you haven’t read ‘You Are A Badass’ yet then this article is for you. Here I just cover the best quotes from this famous book. Hope you’ll enjoy it. 

“Successful people have good habits; unsuccessful people have losery habits” – Jen Sincero

“In order to kick ass, you must first lift up your foot” – Jen Sincero

“Surrendering is the free-falling backwards into the unknown and trusting that The Universe will catch you” – Jen Sincero

“Love yourself more than you love your drama” – Jen Sincero

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“Because so often when we say we’re unqualified for something, what we’re really saying is that we’re too scared to try it, not that we can’t do it” – Jen Sincero

“When we’re happy and all in love with ourselves, we can’t be bothered with the bullshit (our own or other people’s)” – Jen Sincero

“Who you surround yourself with greatly affects how you see your world and how high you set the bar for yourself” – Jen Sincero

“Do not spend your life clinging to the insulting decisions you’ve made about yourself” – Jen Sincero

“The moment you decide to forgive and let your negative feelings melt away, you are on the road to freedom” – Jen Sincero

“Nobody gets to be large and in charge without facing challenges and moving through them” – Jen Sincero

“When we’re forced to do something, suddenly the time is there” – Jen Sincero

“It makes much more sense to go afterlife with a sense of, ‘Why not?’ instead of a furrowed brow” – Jen Sincero

“Gratitude; the gateway drug to awesomeness” – Jen Sincero

“Whatever level of upgrade you want, it’s available to you, right now” – Jen Sincero

“I think, therefore, I can create awesomeness. Or horrendousness” – Jen Sincero

“Do not waste your precious time giving one single crap about what anybody else thinks of you” – Jen Sincero

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“All life is either moving forward and evolving or shrinking back and dying” – Jen Sincero

“It’s just as easy to believe we’re awesome as it is to believe we’re giant sucking things” – Jen Sincero

“You aren’t a better person for feeling guilty or bad about yourself, just a sadder one” – Jen Sincero

“When we get so wrapped up in our heads, we miss out on what’s available to us right now in the moment” – Jen Sincero

“If you want more time in your life, show time some respect” – Jen Sincero

“Do what you can do in joy, instead of trying to do it all in misery” – Jen Sincero

“Most people are living in an illusion based on someone else’s beliefs” – Jen Sincero

“Forgiving isn’t about being nice to them, it’s about being nice to yourself” – Jen Sincero

“If you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done” – Jen Sincero

“The more time you spend in the moment, the richer your life will be” – Jen Sincero

“Everything you do along your journey contributes to where you’re going” – Jen Sincero

“If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse” – Jen Sincero

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“You are responsible for what you say and do. You are not responsible for whether or not people freak out about it” – Jen Sincero

“You are perfect. To think anything less is as pointless as a river thinking that it’s got too many curves or that it moves too slowly or that its rapids are too rapid. Says who? You’re on a journey with no defined beginning, middle or end. There are no wrong twists and turns. There is just being. And your job is to be as you as you can be. This is why you’re here. To shy away from who you truly are would leave the world you-less. You are the only you there is and ever will be. I repeat, you are the only you there is and ever will be. Do not deny the world its one and only chance to bask in your brilliance” – Jen Sincero

“You are loved. Massively. Ferociously. Unconditionally. The Universe is totally freaking out about how awesome you are. It’s got you wrapped in a warm gorilla hug of adoration. It wants to give you everything you desire. It wants you to be happy. It wants you to see what it sees in you” – Jen Sincero

“What other people think about you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them” – Jen Sincero

“Hang out with people who are living on purpose, who meet their challenges with a step aside, suckers attitude, who are dating super awesome people, making exactly the kind of money they want to be making (or working toward it) or taking the kinds of vacations they, and you, want to be taking, and you’ll not only see what’s possible for you” – Jen Sincero

“Holding on to my bad feelings about this is doing nothing but harming me, and everyone else, and preventing me from enjoying my life fully. I am an awesome person. I choose to enjoy my life. I choose to let this go” – Jen Sincero

“Give your bad habits the heave-ho” – Jen Sincero

“Energy needs to flow or else it stagnates. Surrendering puts you in the flow” – Jen Sincero

“Fear lives in the future” – Jen Sincero

“Your reality is created by what you focus on and how you choose to interpret it” – Jen Sincero

“If you want to get over your issues and rock your life, be grateful, look for the good and learn” – Jen Sincero

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“The mind and the body are way more powerful together than either one is alone” – Jen Sincero

“Forgiveness is all about taking care of you, not the person you need to forgive” – Jen Sincero

“Because if you base your self-worth on what everyone else thinks of you, you hand all your power over to other people and become dependent on a source outside of yourself for validation. Then you wind up chasing after something you have no control over, and should that something suddenly place its focus somewhere else, or change its mind and decide you’re no longer very interesting, you end up with a full-blown identity crisis” – Jen Sincero

“There’s nothing as unstoppable as a freight train full of fuck-yeah” – Jen Sincero

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Jen Sincero

“Imagine what our world would be like if everyone loved themselves so much that they weren’t threatened by other people’s opinions or skin colors or sexual preferences or talents or education or possessions or lack of possessions or religious beliefs or customs or their general tendency to just be whoever the hell they are” – Jen Sincero

“So often, we pretend we’ve made a decision when what we’ve really done is signed up to try until it gets too uncomfortable” – Jen Sincero

“Never apologize for who you are. It lets the whole world down” – Jen Sincero

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“We only get to be in our bodies for a limited time, why not celebrate the journey instead of merely riding it out until it’s over?” – Jen Sincero

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present” – Jen Sincero

“We are all perfect in our own, magnificent, fucked-up ways. Laugh at yourself. Love yourself and others. Rejoice in the cosmic ridiculousness” – Jen Sincero

“Nobody who ever accomplished anything big or new or worth raising a celebratory fist in the air did it from their comfort zone. They risked ridicule and failure and sometimes even death” – Jen Sincero

“Your life is your party. You get to choose how you invite people and experiences and things into it” – Jen Sincero 

“Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs, our beliefs become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our realities” – Jen Sincero

“The only failure is quitting. Everything else is just gathering information” – Jen Sincero

“Maybe, if you put your disbelief aside, roll up your sleeves, take some risks, and totally go for it, you’ll wake up one day and realize you’re living the kind of life you used to be jealous” – Jen Sincero

“Follow what feels good in the moment, every moment, and it will lead you through a most excellent life” – Jen Sincero

“Say nice things about your body, dress it up, and take it out. Give it hot sex, luxurious baths, and massages. Move it, stretch it, nourish it, hydrate it, pay attention to it—The better our bodies feel, the happier and more productive we are” – Jen Sincero

“When you are consistently in a state of gratitude, and aware of all the awesomeness that already exists, it, among many other things, makes it much easier for you to believe that there’s more awesomeness where that came from, and that this yet-to-be-manifested awesomeness is also available to you. You’ve received awesomeness before, so of course, you can receive awesomeness again. This is how gratitude strengthens your faith. And having strong faith is a major key in transforming your life” – Jen Sincero

“Don’t just hand your life over to your circumstances like a little wuss” – Jen Sincero

“You aren’t a selfish person for taking care of yourself, just a happier one” – Jen Sincero

“Lame, vague goals are the best way to live a lame, vague life” – Jen Sincero

“If you wanna stay stuck in the same place and keep getting spanked with the same lessons over and over, be negative, resentful, and victimized” – Jen Sincero

“You cut yourself off from the supply of awesomeness when you are not in a state of gratitude” – Jen Sincero

“Take care of yourself as if you are the most awesome person you’ve ever met” – Jen Sincereo

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“The moment you have the audacity to start believing in the not-yet-seen, your reality will begin to shift” – Jen Sincero

“When we share what we were brought here to give, we are in alignment with our highest, most powerful selves” – Jen Sincero

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