45+ Youth Unemployment Quotes That Everyone Should Know!

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This is a writing about youth unemployment quotes and sayings. 

You may wonder: What is actually youth unemployment? Youth unemployment means lackings of jobs. When job seekers are more than in numbers of job opportunities then youth unemployment occurs. This is a major problem in most countries nowadays. Unemployment is an extreme negative thing for a country. It is the main cause of the younger generation to become demotivated. Below these amazing collections of quotes will help you to understand this better. 

“Unemployment is like a headache or a high temperature – unpleasant and exhausting but not carrying in itself any explanation of its cause.” – William Beveridge

“Hunger is not the worst feature of unemployment; idleness is.” – William E. Barrett

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“Some countries need extra stimulus in specific areas. Something has to be done against high youth unemployment in Greece and Spain, for example. But in the end, there is no way around it: The debt levels have to come down.” – Dalia Grybauskaite

“We don’t have a major problem right now in our country, and life is normal. Things like unemployment, which the youth are suffering from, and the rate of inflation – these are chronic conditions and we have to solve them.” – Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

“The Middle East has the highest unemployment percentage of any region in the world. We have the largest youth cohort of history coming into the marketplace that frustration does translate into the political sphere when people are hungry and without jobs.” – Abdallah II of Jordan

“Long-term unemployment can make any worker progressively less employable, even after the economy strengthens.” – Janet Yellen

“I did a show called ‘Freaks and Geeks’ when I was very young. And I had the naivete and arrogance of youth. You know, I really assumed that when the show got cancelled, like, oh, it doesn’t matter, you just keep rolling, you know. I’m about to be the biggest star of the world. And then I was met with five years of unemployment.” – Jason Segel

“Unemployment is capitalism’s way of getting you to plant a garden.” – Orson Scott Card

“Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders.” – Ronald Reagan

“Unemployment is a great tragedy. The man who goes about hopelessly seeking work in order to earn bread for his children is a living reproach to civilization.” – Carlos Saavedra Lamas

“Of all aspects of social misery nothing is so heartbreaking as unemployment.” – Jane Addams

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“Unemployment diminishes people. Leisure enlarges them.” – Mason Cooley

“If heaven really exists: then heaven is the job, hell is unemployment, while life is merely an interview.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“The cool thing about unemployment is every day is Saturday.” – Jarod Kintz

“When a great many people are unable to find work, unemployment results.” – Calvin Coolidge

“There is no writer’s block in a newsroom. There’s only an unemployment block.” – Carl Hiaasen

“Employment frees man from the nightmare of unemployment, while it chains him to his employer’s dream.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“The final solution for unemployment is work.” – Calvin Coolidge

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“Unemployment or the loss of income which will always affect some in any society is certainly less degrading if it is the result of misfortune and not deliberately imposed by authority.” – F.A. Hayek

“There is no such thing as an acceptable level of unemployment, because hunger is not acceptable, poverty is not acceptable, poor health is not acceptable, and a ruined life is not acceptable.” – Hubert H. Humphrey

“Unemployment, with its injustice for the man who seeks and thirsts for employment, who begs for labour and cannot get it, and who is punished for failure he is not responsible for by the starvation of his children – that torture is something that private enterprise ought to remedy for its own sake.” – David Lloyd George

“Unemployment is not the situation to blame your fate or on others… It’s time to believe in yourself and Unveil-New-Employment.” – Shashank Rayal

“Unfortunately, very few governments think about youth unemployment when they are drawing up their national plans.” – Kofi Annan

“There is no easy fix or youth unemployment. Partnership between the public and private sectors can make a big difference.” – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

“The devotion that young Chinese feel to the Internet is driven by deep factors ranging from youth unemployment and income inequality to political repression and the demographic imbalance between men and women.” – Evan Osnos

“We have too large a disparity in the world; we need more inclusiveness. If we continue to have non inclusive growth and we continue with the unemployment situation, particularly youth unemployment, our global society is not sustainable.” – Klaus Schwab

“As long as there is unemployment, war, crime and all things that go to the infliction of man’s inhumanity to man, regardless – there is much to be done, and people need to work together.” – Rosa Parks

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“The trouble with unemployment is that the minute you wake up in the morning, you’re on the job.” – Slappy White

“When more and more people are thrown out of work, unemployment results.” – Calvin Coolidge

“For those unfortunate enough to experience it, long-term unemployment – now, as in the 1930s – is a tragedy. And, for society as a whole, there is the danger that the productive capacity of a significant portion of the labour force will be impaired.” – Barry Eichengreen

“With QE3, we are essentially being bought out with our own money…and unemployment is being used to facilitate this process in a very clever manner. Monetary inflation is currently being offset by labor deflation. The way you avoid collapse is by printing money and stealing assets. The way you avoid inflation is with labor deflation.” – Catherine Austin Fitts

“Looking to the future I see in the further acceleration of science continuous jobs for our workers. Science will cure unemployment.” – Charles M. Schwab

“People told me, when I was coming through the ranks, that a mark of a great actor is one who deals with the period of unemployment as well as they deal with the period of employment.” – Claudia Black

“Why isn’t there a standard job application? Why should unemployed job applicants have to fill out a different job application for every job when they could just submit the same job application to every job they apply to?” – James Thomas Kesterson Jr

“There is no easy fix or youth unemployment. Partnership between the public and private sectors can make a big difference.” – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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Youth Unemployment Quotes By Famous Person 

“Have you noticed that all the news, statistics, strategies about unemployment are provided by those who are employed? As soon as you are unemployed you cease to exist.” – Dale Spender

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“Computers can solve all kinds of problems except the unemployment problem they create.” – Laurence J. Peter

“Unemployment is bigger than a political party. It is a national danger and a national scandal.” – Ellen Wilkinson

“The longer our graduation lines are today, the shorter our unemployment lines will be tomorrow.” – George H. W. Bush

“Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“You’re always as good as your last movie and that’s the same with politics. If you are successful with a certain policy, then you’re hot; if you’re successful with the economy, or bringing down the unemployment rate, then you’re hot. But if you’re not successful, then things go south very quickly.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“We need to give importance to skill development because this way we can end unemployment.” – Narendra Modi

“It is a fact that, if I single out Germany, our rate of growth is too low and we have very high unemployment.” – Angela Merkel

“Inflation is the parent of unemployment and the unseen robber of those who have saved.” – Margaret Thatcher

“The northern part of Sweden is considered more isolated, not so sociable, not so educated, more unemployed, very working-class, and people drink more than the rest of Sweden; that’s the kind of area I’m from.” – Asa Larsson

“The goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play. That’s why we have to destroy the present politico-economic system.” – Arthur C. Clarke

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“I learned that unemployment can be a great educator.” – David Caruso

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